Room Décor: Add Playfulness to Your Home With Bean Bags

Do you feel like your home lacks a little bit of pizazz? It’s about time you got rid of those old dusty lounge chairs and replaced them with something new. But what could that something new be? How can you add a modern twist to your home décor style? Well, the answer to that question is much simpler than you’d think. You might be thinking, I should upgrade the living room with a contemporary sofa. But, we’ve got a better suggestion.

Here’s what you can do – how about getting super cosy bean bags? It’s quite a unique and unusual choice which is what makes them even more appealing.

bean bag 1


Truth be told, bean bags have been around for a few decades now but they’re only recently starting to catch on. It’s a convenient choice for many interior décor enthusiasts who are looking to spice up their traditional-looking homes and transform them into urban settings. How can you use bean bags as home décor? The answer to that question is easy but in order to figure that out, first, we need to take a look at all the information you should know before buying an ultra-comfortable bean bag.

What Is a Bean Bag?

Essentially, bean bags are convenient items of furniture that can be used as a chair, sofa and even a bed, depending on their size. They’re extremely versatile and laid-back which makes them a popular choice for home décor these days.

The cover itself can be made of different types of materials, including cotton, microfiber, velvet and leather. Word of advice – keep in mind that leather can get quite sticky and sweaty if you sit on it for longer periods of time. The inside of a bean bag is usually filled with shredded memory foam particles that can easily adapt to the shape of your body. This way, the bags literally cocoon your body as you sink into a comfortable position. In any case, it’s a lot snugger than sitting in a regular chair or sofa because it’s quite different.

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What Types of Bean Bags Are There?

Bean bags come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what you need them for. Each one is special in its own way and can really spruce up your living area. Here’s a quick overview of the major types of bean bags.

Round Bags

This is the classic choice, one that you’ve probably seen laying around in many different places, including living rooms, game rooms and even balconies. As the name suggests – their circular form spreads out like a ball once you sit on them. Bear in mind that this particular type of bean bag may not offer adequate support for your back and shoulders but you’ll still be sitting in an extra soft and plush piece of furniture.

Square Bags

Once again, the name is a dead giveaway – this particular type is shaped like a square. However, an added bonus here is that square bags offer more support to your spine and joints with dedicated arms and backrests. It might not be a popular choice among youngsters but older generations love to use this type of bean bag for relaxing or reading a good book.

Body Bags

The name might be a little confusing – you won’t be putting any bodies in bags here but you will get the chance to lay down on a comfy surface. While most bean bags allow you to sit on them, here you can actually lie down and even take a nap. You should know that bean bags of this type are usually very long so make sure you have ample space where you can place them.

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Gaming Bags

Gaming bean bags are generally used by, you guessed it, gamers. Just like square bags, they offer extra support for your back, neck and arms so that you can enjoy your games at peak level.

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Benefits of Having a Bean Bag

There are a whole bunch of benefits to having bean bag chairs at home. Here’s just a few of them.

Comfortable And Cosy

Their squishy interior is extremely pleasant to lay on and get some rest. This is a great advantage because you can sit in different positions and see what works best for you. Whether it’s sitting upright, laying on your side or sitting cross-legged, the bag will adjust and adapt to your body shape to cater to your needs.

Versatile And Stylish

We think it’s safe to say that bean bags can easily fit into any kind of home décor style you have in your home. They’re a fun and interesting addition to your furniture arsenal and you can even use them as a focal point in the room to give it an extra edge. Who’s there to stop you anyway?

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Affordable And Easy to Clean

When compared to other pieces of furniture, bean bags actually come at a much lower cost. That’s not saying that they’re any less durable or long-lasting, you’re still getting the same quality but with a slightly modern twist. If you can’t afford a fancy armchair or a decorative sofa, you don’t have to worry since bean bags will definitely do the job just the same.

In addition, they’re quite easy to clean because all you have to do is unzip the cover and throw it into the washing machine. Once it’s all clean and dry, you just put it back where it was and you can lay down on it once again.

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