Bible: Top Reasons Why You Should Study God’s Word

Since the beginning of times, no matter the age, the stage of development or even the state of consciousness, there is something that provides never-ending consistency. Some call it karma, some call it destiny, for some it’s the meaning of love and some simply see it as life itself. As a time machine that witnesses how people experienced and lived major life moments throughout the different ages, as well as serving as a source of great wisdom, the Bible is the most irreplaceable book in the world.

Think of it this way: there are books with topics that are hot for a given period of time, books that are called classics simply because they’re interesting to the majority of people and then there’s the Bible. It has consistent value, and no matter how many times you read it and study it, you’ll go back to it over and over again because the Bible is a book of complex content: it’s a blend of religious history, evolution of Christianity, wisdom beyond random talk and a guide to a healthy, peaceful and sinless life.

Reading it From Cover to Cover is a Challenge

The Holy Bible is not an easy book to read, since the point of reading is to understand and remember the content. This book is full of names, time periods, and family trees. Also, it’s written in highly philosophical language and features a mix of writing skills that no one really uses today. This is why the vast majority of people never make it from cover to cover in a reasonable amount of time, such as several days. Quite the challenge isn’t it?

It’s a Very Practical Book

Despite popular opinions that the Bible is a strictly religious book, it’s actually a lot more than that; it’s a practical guide for leading a healthy and happy life. When you start studying certain parts of it, you’ll see that there are practical pieces of advice given on everyday life events and matters, which brings me to my afore mentioned point: some things in human lives are consistent no matter the age and quality.

A Lesson on Morality

In today’s world, with all the variations of what was originally called democracy, society has lost the grip on what is by definition called morally sound. The Bible gives a very clear and profound picture of what morality is suppose to mean. Although it’s a rather unattainable moral standard, something that is hard to live by, it’s probably the best explanation of how we should deal with our own failures.

Beyond these three intriguing reasons why one should start reading the Bible, there’s also the fact that this is the most sacred text of all for thousands of years. As such, it’s only a shame not to acquire the basic knowledge on what amazing literature and inspiration really is. Finally, it’s safe to say that the Bible is a true guide on moral standards, sinless life and of course, a holder of worldly and timeless wisdom.

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