Dress for Success: Essential Business Attire for Women

Wearing the right clothes/uniform at work is of vital importance for sure. Whether working in a restaurant, bar, aesthetic salon, bank or corporate firm, respecting and following the dress code is the first step towards showing your professionalism. This goes especially to those who work in the business world.

What Is Women’s Business Wear?

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Those of you working in the corporate world are probably well aware of the fact that wearing a suit might be the only dress option you have. In the end, dealing with high-end professionals on a daily basis and attending meetings urges you to be and look professional, so you better get used to this new white-collar position of yours.

Business Attire Essentials

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Knowing all of the aforementioned things means that you’ll need to stock yourself with the right essentials. Depending on the corporate firm you’re working in and its dress code, you might be able to combine different outfits than just a classic suit. However, there’s a list of some essentials that you should own, and luckily combining them should be super easy, so you’ll always look professional and impeccably looking.

Women’s Business Shirts

Cool, crisp and professional features are what you should look for in formal ladies’ business shirts. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only stick to classic white-collar shirts. The truth is that nowadays you can stick to this professional and formal look while still being chic thanks to the huge choice of stylish women’s business shirts. This means that you can always jazz up your outfit with a blue sky shirt, a baby pink or one in beige.

Patterns in the form of stripes are always a good choice for office shirts and they will still provide you with that polished perfection you need to achieve. You can pair them with suit pants, looser-fit pants and skirts of the needed style and length. When the weather is cold, wearing a blazer over them is always an option, making you look more professional. 

However, wearing women’s office shirts as the top layer when the weather is hot is also acceptable and taken as professional attire since the summer temperatures don’t really “care for” dress codes, right?! Regarding the material, choosing shirts made entirely from cotton is always a better option since they are breathable, soft and comfortable for the skin. 

They won’t cause any irritations or discomfort, and won’t develop any smell even if worn for more than eight hours. However, you can also choose ones made from blends with man-made materials for their exceptional look and style. Unlike the cotton ones which can look a bit basic, the ones made form polyester for instance can look more stylish and modern. 

Plus they are more versatile and can allow for being worn on any occasion. While the cotton ones mainly come in a button-down style, the ones made from polyester can come with or without buttons which makes them more flattering and appealing without compromising on their formal look.


Just like shirts, trousers are a solid wardrobe foundation for business formal looks. They are one of the most basic things you’ll want to wear in the office and at every meeting because they are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Plus they look stylish, and modern and are versatile, allowing you to wear them in other places than just the office. 

Today’s fashion allows pairing trousers and even formal suits with sneakers, meaning that you can wear them on business casual and casual occasions as well. They are available in different types and models, out of which the drop waist, looser fit and wide-leg trousers are the most common choice among women.


Who says that you can’t wear skirts as a part of your corporate attire?! Skirts have been worn since ever by women in the business world, and nowadays this isn’t an exception. The only rule you’ll need to follow is not wearing skirts above knee-length and ones that are too sheer and tight looking.

Wearing pencil skirts is always an option, just make sure the chosen model has a comfort fit and it doesn’t go above knee length. Aside from this model, you can also take advantage of the large selection of looser fit sleek skirts which you can pair with shirts and tees if the office allows it of course. Not all corporate jobs allow for wearing a tee even if it’s plain, so make sure to follow the dress code.  


Blazers are a must in every corporate world, so owning more than one in a different colour can save you in any situation. Aside from the basic slim fit type of woman’s blazer, nowadays, you can also invest in the looser fit ones, which in fact are more preferred choice among women. Once again, the type of blazer you choose should be made according to your office’s dress code requirements and nothing else. 

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