Men’s Fashion: How to Build a Stylish Streetwear Look

Streetwear. It’s probably your go-to look if you’re a laid-back guy that likes to dress casually and feel comfortable. Although this easy-going style seems like it doesn’t need much forethought, in reality, if you want to take your outfits from average to the kind of street-cool that makes heads turn, you need to know a few basic rules about streetwear. So, if you’re ready to polish your streetwear looks, here are a few important things to have in mind.

Go for Loose, Not Baggy

While it used to be the baggier the cooler, once it hit the extremes with rappers wearing jeans around their ankles, baggy clothes are no longer considered the most fashionable choice. So, if you want to build a contemporary urban wardrobe, your best bet is going for street wear clothes with silhouettes that are a bit more relaxed but don’t make you look like a walking bag. This roughly translates into bellow-the belt shirts, loose sweats, hoodies, parkas, and even raincoats. For a more flattering look, try to balance out the looseness of a piece with another that’s a bit more form-fitting, like for instance a loose shirt combined with a cropped jacket, or a hoodie paired with some skinny jeans.

Work Your Layers

Call it being indecisive about what to put on, or breaking the norms of traditional fashion, but layering is the number one rule for combining street wear clothes. The combinations of layers may vary, but one thing is certain – there’s no way that any unpredictable weather catches you off guard. There are many ways to create a layered look depending on the season. In winter, this can mean wearing a roll neck under sweaters and shirts, an anorak or smock under a jacket, or a hoody under fleece. During the warmer months, pair your tees with shorts and then tie your jumpers or hoodies around your waist or across your chest to create a layered look without overheating yourself.

White Sneakers Are a Must-Have

street wear clothes (1)

Of all the different footwear a guy can have, the clean, white, minimalist sneaker is perhaps the most versatile. It’s kind of reassuring to know you own a pair of classic sneakers that can be paired with anything in your wardrobe, regardless whether it’s a pair of edgy, skinny jeans for a night out or some loose sweats for a casual day look. While white sneakers are natural magnets for dirt, if you go for leather instead of canvas or similar materials, they can be a lot easier to keep clean.

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