Advantages of Fitting a Long-Range Fuel Tank to Your HiLux

As you get further and further away from the urban areas with your HiLux, gas stations are fewer and further apart, so ensuring you have enough fuel to get to the next one is very important. This is especially true if you’re looking to go off the road in the vast Australian outback. If your HiLux runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, you’re in for a world of trouble, as almost everything is out to get you. Plus, it might take a while before a towing truck can come to you, and that’s definitely going to end up being a costly mistake.

So what do you do in such cases? You can carry extra fuel in jerry tanks, or you could get a long range tank. A long range tank HiLux can ensure you never run out of fuel, even if you’re traveling for a thousand kilometers. While jerry tanks are the more affordable option, think about the safety aspect of having cans full of flammable liquid while driving on rough roads. It doesn’t sound very safe, does it? On the other hand, a long range tank HiLux model and specific made is fitted snugly and securely to the outside of your vehicle. Long range tanks are made to be tough and durable so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and hazards. Even if there are leaks, they will be straight to the ground, and not inside your HiLux.

Furthermore, filling up a long range tank once inside a city, as opposed to refueling at a fuel station in the middle of nowhere where the prices are all jacked up, is a much more economical solution. In other words, even though a long range fuel tank can be a hefty upfront investment, it’s going to pay off after a couple of trips across the outback. All of this makes long range fuel tanks a great long-term investment for your HiLux.

The only downside is that you’ll have to relocate your extra tyre somewhere else. That being said, its time to drop those unreliable jerry cans that are unsafe and unfit to carry fuel on rough terrain, and it’s time to grab a long range fuel tank. But before fitting an aftermarket long range fuel tank, check your HiLux’ clearance to make sure you’ll be able to go off-road. If you plan on doing some rough riding off the road, make sure there’s a protection plate to prevent it from rupturing from rocks and sticks.

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