Holden Colorado Throttle Controller

Holden Colorado Throttle Controller Guide: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Vehicle

Need a little more push from your Colorado when you put your foot down? There are dozens of performance upgrades you can install, but none comes cheaper than a throttle controller. This will liven up the torquey diesel in your ute, and lets you adjust just how responsive the acceleration actually is. There’s a lot of hidden power in the 2.8-litre 4-cylinder oil burner that just doesn’t get the attention it needs. A throttle controller in your Colorado has some electronic wizardry up its sleeve, meaning it’s a perfect match for a handful of off-roading and performance accessories, to make one of Australia’s favourite utes even better.

What is an Electronic Throttle Controller?

Electronic Throttle Controller
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Electronic throttle controllers are small electronic devices that let you adjust the throttle response from the engine. They do this by changing the way your car’s onboard computer, the ECU, reads the signals it receives from sensors located at the acceleration pedal and those in the engine throttle body. As you press the acceleration pedal downwards, sensors send a signal to the ECU, which interprets the readings based on voltage, to open up the throttle body in the corresponding position. The further down your foot is, the more the throttle body is opened allowing for a bigger air and fuel mix. The result is more acceleration. A throttle controller is tasked to manipulate those readings, tricking the ECU that the pedal is further down that it actually is, so there’s less lag in the reaction time. Your Colorado picks up speed much quicker.

A Holden Colorado throttle controller removes the inbuilt throttle delay. This is more to avoid the vehicle from jolting from a standstill. Instead, with the controller fitted, applying the acceleration pedal results in a smooth get up and go. Linear acceleration is what you want, as it not only allows for a better pickup of speed, but also cuts out turbo lag. You won’t feel the usual shove in the back as the turbine starts spinning. The benefit from this is that gear changes are also smoother, as the engine moves up or down the rev range.

Benefits of an Electronic Throttle Controller

Electronic Throttle Controller
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Throttle Controllers work well with other electronic systems in the car, like traction control, ABS and cruise control. As well as the auto transmission in the Colorado. The benefits of a Holden Colorado throttle controller are many.

First, it’s the reduced throttle response times. Actual acceleration happens instantly. This lets you get a better feel through the steering wheel as to just what the engine and car are doing. It also helps in many driving situations. For instance, when overtaking, you won’t feel the delay of a few seconds before anything happens. With the engine quicker to engage, the turbo also wakes up earlier. Overtaking will be simple and you’ll be doing it with more confidence.

Next, it’s the reduced fuel consumption. The diesel in the Colorado is frugal, but a throttle controller reduces the time the engine needs to build up speed. This means that less fuel is used in reaching the same speeds, especially in lower gears. You won’t be choking the engine and it won’t be as stressed. Another advantage here is that this improves longevity.

Then, there’s the adjustability. You can fine-tune how the throttle controller works. It has several modes, that you can use in a variety of driving situations. And these are easy to change as you are driving.

Throttle Controller Modes

Throttle Controller Modes
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There are various modes in controllers. Ultimate or performance mode (naming is different among makers), lets drivers get shorter response times. This is what most drivers want. The throttle can be set to act slightly faster than the stock setting, and be dialled in 1, or you can get the most and quickest throttle response by having the controller set all the way to 10. Your car will act and feel different, in a better way. The adjustable settings will be handy from a standstill from the driveway or traffic lights, when your Colorado is fully loaded or when towing trailers, boats or caravans up steeper inclines.

The opposite of this is the Economy, or Eco modes. This is intended to cut down on the throttle, and increase the throttle times. Yes, you read right. But when will you need less throttle? Think of the usual off-roading scenarios, where being heavy on the right foot can get you in trouble. For example, too much throttle can cause wheel spin that you’d definitely not want when driving on beaches or loose soils. Combine this with the low gearing and you’ll get through any obstacle in a controlled and easy way. Set the controller in Eco mode if you’re also worried about higher fuel use.

Then there are Auto modes, that effectively help you out in setting the throttle response according to the situation, and the way you drive. If you can’t be bothered in changing modes and settings, put the controller into Auto, and forget it’s there. It will adjust the throttle to just the right amount, and even move between Ultimate or Eco depending on your input at the pedal.

Installation and Pricing

Installing a throttle controller can be done by you, with straightforward instructions, and within a matter of minutes. Alternatively, get it installed in the shop. Controllers are completely safe to use, as they don’t impede on other engine systems, nor do they raise horsepower figures. As I mentioned these are cheap units, costing a couple of hundred dollars, and as performance upgrades go, offer the best return for your hard-earned cash.

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