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Motorbike Accessories: Pieces of Safe Cocoon That Make You Look Twice as Cool

The need for adventure and exploration is deeply encoded in human DNA. Ever since the invention of the first motorcycles at the turn of the 20th century, people have been riding them on long distance journeys. They first started with cross-state rides, which evolved into cross-country, and eventually became expeditions around the world. Have in mind that all this took place in a time when paved roads were a novelty.

Today, traveling conditions have greatly improved and motorbikes have become state-of-the-art machines with amazing performance and increased safety. But, despite all that, riding a motorbike is an activity not to be taken lightly. Whether your are riding on or off road, and regardless of the distance you are crossing, you always need to be geared up with all the necessary motorbike accessories for maximum safety.

Motorbike Accessories

I don’t mean to scare you, but let me explain the risks of riding a motorbike. Even when you are cruising around town, you will be reaching speeds of 80 km/h or more and you may find yourself riding with the speed of 150 km/h on the highway. The human organs, skin, and bones can’t withstand an impact at these speeds. If you fall at that speed without protective motorbike accessories, you will end up with damaged organs, crushed bones, and chunks of missing skin and muscle from abrasion.

And of course, there’s the weather. When it is kinda chilly outside, you would normally be okay with just a sweater on you, but when you are riding at 80 km/h it feels like it is twice as cold. Even in hot weather, motorbike gear will help your natural evaporative cooling system to kick in.

So, here are some essential motorbike accessories that can protect you from accidents, the elements, and make your riding experience much more comfortable.

The most important piece of motorcycle equipment is the helmet. Not only will a full face helmet protect your head, but it will also keep bugs out of your mouth and the wind out of your eyes. I strongly suggest not to buy used helmets because all helmets are designed to be destroyed in case of a crash and dissipate the energy that would otherwise transfer to your head. Very often, a damaged helmet looks good on the outside when in fact, it has sustained unseen effects.

Next, you will need a good jacket and a pair of pants. As I mentioned before, when you are riding a motorcycle at great speeds, all the weather effects are intensified and you are going to need something that is protective, waterproof, but also has good ventilation. Shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors are key features you need to pay attention to. A removable liner is also recommended if you want your jacket to be adaptable to different weather conditions. As far as pants are concerned, a lot of people ride in jeans, and though denim offers some protection to a certain degree, nothing can compete with leather.

And finally, you will need a pair of boots and gloves. When you are choosing boots, go for something durable and above the ankle for maximum protection and support. The gloves should offer comfort, isolation, and abrasion resistance because in case you do fall at 100km/h, you will definitely try to cushion the fall with your hands.

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