bull bars to suit Holden Colorado

Holden Colorado 4wd Accessories to Prepare for Off-road Driving

Though no longer in production, the Holden Colorado is still a worthy ute, and a decent second-hand buy. It’s got a capable and quiet 4 pot diesel, good manners on and off-road, enough space, comfort and tech even for the pickiest of buyers, and loads of accessories that Holden offered in well-rounded packages. Thousands of Colorados are still in use, even first-gen models, but the second generation, produced from 2016 onwards is the one to go for. It doesn’t lose out much on newer rivals from other brands, and you get to bank heaps of money for that road trip you’ve been putting off for reasons well known. This leaves a lot of breathing space for a host of accessories to add for some off-roading fun, and giving your car the attention it deserves.

With a torquey engine with ample low-down pull, the Colorado is a good off-roading choice. But before heading out into the bush, a little care and basic equipment will protect body panels, transmission and engine components from obstacles that will definitely cross your path, not to mention the roos. Boulders big and small, shrubs and trees and spraying rocks can cause irreparable damage and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. The first thing to look for here is some front-end protection. A bull bar to suit Holden Colorado can be found cheaply aftermarket, and will serve you well both in the city or when trekking far in the Outback.

holden colorado bull bar

Holden Colorado Bull Bars

The obvious reason to install a bull bar on your ute is to prevent damage to crucial engine and drivetrain components. Things like radiators, steering and suspension are well protected when coming into contact with rocks, shrubs and collisions with animals at speed. Bigger bull bars also shield more of the front, so body panels and lights are also looked after. Another advantage is better ground clearance. With the stock bumper removed you get more leeway in uneven terrain. And having a place to mount off-roading accessories, like an electric winch or antennas makes bull bars an all-around versatile must-have.

Materials in bull bars differ. The majority of drivers go for steel as it provides high tensile strength and easily absorbs impact. Coatings ensure that they’ll last in wet weather or when attempting river crossings. Steel bars also warrant security for fixing recovery tow points and winches in the likelihood you get stuck. The only downside is the extra weight over other materials. Aluminium bull bars to suit Holden Colorado are on the lighter side but come in comparable strength with steel variants. Less weight means easier steering and you won’t need to modify suspension or brakes. If you’re seldom going off-road, look to plastic mesh bars that are good at shrugging off smaller rocks. They’re also what you want around town, with new laws regarding pedestrian protection.

Regulations also dictate that bull bars must fit along the contours of the vehicle, something to consider when choosing. In terms of size and shape, single hoops cover the front up to the radiator, whereas full triple hoops also shield the lights. You’ll find bars with integrated park and indicating lights and mounting points along the top tube for any accessories. A winch cradle is a must if you’re into serious off-roading, and these are slightly more expensive than base models. Installation is straightforward with all the necessary kits.


Going off-road means you’ll need to ditch the street tyres. These won’t last long in anything more demanding, and punctures are sure to happen. Swap them out for bigger off-road tyres. These give better ground clearance and more traction along loose surfaces.

holden colorado bull bars and air intake

Air Intakes and Snorkels

Snorkels might be good for not drenching the engine when driving in water, but their main purpose is to get cleaner air for combustion. The design scoops and redirects cool air directly towards the injectors, while also removing dirt. Combine this with a dedicated filtering system, and your ute is good for any type of terrain. No water will make its way into the engine, so there are no costly repairs from corrosion and abrasion.

Modified Suspension

With a bull bar fitted, getting stiffer and higher suspension means bigger obstacles won’t be a challenge. You can add some height to the Colorado by fitting a body lift kit, or changing out the stock shocks and absorbers for something bigger. This copes with the added weight up front and lifts the car by 15 cm. The higher ground clearance, along with bigger wheels and off-road tyres provides for a go-anywhere stance.

Recovery Points

Recovery points are essential in any setting without a sealed road. They fit the chassis rails, or are integrated into the bull bar. Look for recovery points rated at least double the vehicle weight. And take care and precaution when recovering your vehicle.

Off-roading means you need a car with some basic protection, decent methods of clearing dirty air and water, higher ground clearance, and something to recover your vehicle when you get stuck. The Holden Colorado is more than capable off-road, and fitting it with the essentials like bull bars, snorkels and higher suspension is a must when heading out in the bush.

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