Give In to Your Wild Side: Refresh Your Space With Exotic Decor

Have you ever fantasized about owning a home located in the tropics or having a green sanctuary indoors? Exotic interior decor will give your property a new lease on life, as it’s revealed to be one of the decade’s hottest trends. If you’ve ever visited a tropical garden, you’ll know that the variety of colour and greenery is impossible to contain. It simply keeps growing, everywhere. Incorporate this anything-goes design into your own home by layering colour on top of colour, and texture on top of texture. To turn your home into a tropical refuge, you should go for big colours, the right accents, and funky indoor plants to make your sunny metamorphosis complete.

Tropical Wall Art

tropical wall art

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Staring at drab, blank walls may be unpleasant over time, yet well-chosen current wall art can elevate a space and provide vitality and warmth. The appropriate wall art decorations installed in the right position can transform a boring setting into a vibrant one, as it fills up the gaps left by plain walls. An empty wall is like a blank canvas begging to be adorned with a great piece of art. This work of art is supposed to not only be beautiful but also to positively boost our health and well-being.

Imagine entering a room in the dead of winter and seeing a giant beach painting hung over the mantlepiece. You picture yourself barefoot on a sandy beach, a pleasant wind on your face, as the sun sets beyond the blue waves. Your mood instantly improves, and you feel lighter and happier. Wall art has the ability to transmit particular sentiments and produce a certain atmosphere depending on the topic and colours you pick.

Although some folks are quickly bored of wall art and crave for changings, choosing some excellent decorations to hang on your walls as one from the tropical prints Australia range will be something you will relish for years. Online, you can easily find a tropical prints Australia collection of zesty and sharp-edged greenery that you can hang in your bedroom wall or living room wall. And doing so can have a calming effect and bring you peace of mind.

When it comes to wall art, the texture may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it can provide depth and character to a room. Add wall tapestries to give a room a more modern vibe and to truly open up a space. If you like a more modern look, consider adding metal prints for an industrial feel. For a truly distinctive rustic aesthetic, you might have a design or a photograph of your choice printed straight into maple boards.


tropical bamboo wallpaper designs living room

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If bringing the jungle indoors with wall art isn’t enough, wallpapers are a great way to add even more tropical flair to your house. When you want to create a dramatic statement, finish a feature wall, or simply do something unusual, tropical bamboo wallpaper designs are ideal for the job. Because of their brilliant, warm, and joyful hues, bamboo themes on wallpaper have already gained the commitment of many nature enthusiasts and eco-style fans in the current design of living spaces. Such wallpapers will enhance the attractiveness of any décor and serve as the focal point of your space.

Bamboo is usually shown on wallpaper in green tones. However, photographs of bamboo trees are frequently merged with different sceneries, various tints and colours can appear in the designs. For example, if bamboo is portrayed on a photo wallpaper of African landscapes, the image will be displayed in yellow or light orange hues, and as a result of this trend, beige and brown tones are frequently seen on bamboo themed wallpapers.

Due to the abundance of red and orange variations of the bamboo wallpaper, choosing a savannah wallpaper in the rays of the setting sun will be a terrific way to adorn your interiors, giving your space a constant warm mood. Furthermore when talking about the tropics, the palm tree, a symbol of tropical scenery and exotic beaches, is the principal element of this style. With many models, including a contemporary tropical atmosphere, these wallpapers come in colours that are perfectly suited for today’s interiors. For a faultless finish, these vintage engravings and recreated paintings are printed on high-quality materials.

Add Plants to Your Decor


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While a trip to the tropics with the family may be on the horizon, why not make your own tropical “staycation” at home? A collection of island music, a tropical beverage, and island-inspired decor as well as, of course, plants! The plants will make the mood truly unique, and they’ll keep it going long after the music has stopped playing.

Indoor tropical plants may transform an empty corner or shelf into a gorgeous paradise that feels relaxing and inviting, almost like a mini-vacation. Tropical plants not only create a statement, but they also offer the impression of having nature inside, which is very useful when outside space is restricted. Regardless of the reason you want to decorate your home with plants, there are several advantages that come with them. Plants of different sizes, succulents, and a variety of other trees may improve the attractiveness of your house. Colour, personality, and ambience are all added to your indoor and outdoor areas with these lovely art pieces. Bring the outside indoors and breathe life into your home with plants and green scenery.

Rattan Pendant Lighting


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While there are many ways to add a tropical vibe to your house, an eye-catching rattan pendant is a simple yet effective solution. if you’re seeking a natural feature that compliments the other accents in your house, you’ll be pleasantly delighted at the instant character a rattan overhead ornament lends a room. These pendants, which resemble an upside-down basket, are a far more comfortable alternative to chandeliers in dining rooms or bedrooms, and they look great when set over a kitchen island.

Due to their versatility and the way they can be used in a number of decor styles, such as coastal, modern, bohemian, rattan pendant lights are the way to go. Rattan pendants can add elegance to a space in a coastal or beach décor theme and can transform your room into a faraway tropical place. For quick aesthetic appeal, hang a rattan pendant light above a kitchen island, in a dining area, bedroom, living room, foyer, and bathroom. Just make sure the light you buy will fit in the room where it will be installed. Measure and double-check the dimensions of the area where you want to hang the pendant, and void purchasing a pendant light that is either too small or too large for your room.

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