Breathe Life into Your Home with Plants

Though I love the appearance of my home, I can never have enough interior changes. Could be because I say “shut up and take my money” to decorating magazines all the time, buy every single one of them within my sight, and stick to following trends, that is, if I can make them work into my interior décor. So, putting it together, it’s quite a fun and creative experience. Yet, it’s become such a habit that there came a time when I stopped enjoying the whole process of implementing something new altogether.


I’ve tried sprucing up the walls by incorporating the charm of wallpapers and murals, I’ve brought in the beauty and durability of laminate flooring, tried out adopting different styles, from the more traditional, to retro, then steering towards modern only to end up with the blend of the eclectic. Despite all this, it still felt like something was missing because the whole living area looked rather dull (I’m afraid to say lifeless). And then it became clear: not everything was about furniture. What was missing in the whole bundle of styles and pieces was the beauty of nature.

Once I’d finished choosing flowers, it was the turn of plant pots Melbourne shops had for sale. The idea of really breathing life into my living space brought about the sense of refreshment I was so longing for. As every pot has its lid, every flower has its pot and as I matched them, I had to figure out where the best spot was for each of them. This opened the gate to a new chapter of my life, one filled with lots of greenery where decorating magazines got replaced by gardening books.

The choices of plant pots Melbourne shops and suppliers offer made way for more plants in my home, other than flowers. Though I’d never been much into gardening before, now I found myself turning into a skilled gardener who knows exactly how to tend to plants’ needs. I’ve learnt it’s not just about planting them in the adequate soil or the adequate pot so they have enough room for root growth, it’s also about learning more of their water and sun/shade requirements.

After realising life is about simplicity thanks to having plants as my role models, my lifestyle turned from one extreme to the other by becoming minimalistic and I haven’t been happier. Less really is more, so as long as I can grow my own herbs and veggies, life is jolly good.

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