A Guide to Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0

No matter what line of work you’re in, a dedicated tool storage system to store all your tools and pack odd bits and ends is a necessity. Not only will you be increasing your overall storage capacity, but also saving valuable space in the tool shed, garage, or workshop. Storage systems keep all your tools organised and easily accessible, free from damage, dirt, and rust, and in places that can save you time and money by improving safety and speeding up workflow. No tools will be lost or stolen, and you’ll have them protected from bad weather or other mishaps along the way.

Storage systems are available from different manufacturers. Some like DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Ryobi (just to name a few) are also the big names that make both corded and cordless tools. So they’ll know a thing or two when it comes to safely and neatly packing your gear. Others are specialised storage brands and have lines and storage solutions for other items besides tools. Often brand loyalty will make a persuasive case when choosing. Anyone with more than a few DeWalt tools lying around should definitely have a long and hard look into the DeWalt Tough System 2.0, the company’s most recent storage offering, and for most buyers, it’s best.

What is the ToughSystem 2.0?

dewalt tough system

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DeWalt markets this as the next generation of tool storage offering several benefits over the initial Tough System released way back in 2011. It scores high on security, safety, portability and durability, keeping tools and smaller parts organised, protected, and within reach. Paired with the stacking options, the system is a sound choice for serious DIY-ers looking to save space at home, and full-time pros needing the easiest way to get their gear to and from the worksite.

How Does It Build on the First Tough System?

The second iteration of the tough system is designed to speed up workflow without comprising the go-anywhere abilities of the first version. It also adds a few nice touches that improve usability and safety. These include the large two-piece latches in metal wire, with stronger and wider handles that make opening, closing and carrying easier. Here you’ll also find the company’s patented auto-locking side latches which simply click into place. The same latches have a straightforward, one-touch release mech to get the boxes off their mobile trolley carrier. Rolling toolboxes come with additional (and removable) handles and easily slot into most ute toolboxes and canopies.

Then there’s the tough build. DeWalt has used its thick reinforced structural foam outer casing to protect tools from impact and increase carrying capacity to 50 kilos. The cases and latches are rust-resistant and have an IP65 rating against water and dust ingress to ensure they stay fully protected. Toolboxes are supplied with pressure release valves and there are provisions for padlocks. The ToughSystem carrier also has a unifying locking system to lock all modules single-handedly. The whole package rolls on large 8-inch wheels for easy portability.

What’s Included?

dewald tough system

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DeWalt has different solutions to meet different needs. Its stackable storage solutions are bigger and more durable than the first Toughsystem, offering more space and new features like the metal wire front latches and lockable side latches for ease of use and added security. You can get boxes in different sizes, all offered as neat bundles and a packaged carrier to suit. The smaller DWST83402 is a 3-in-1 unit consisting of a small and medium toolbox and the larger mobile DS450 box. If you need the perks of portability, opt for the DWST83401 stackable unit with the same toolboxes, but with the DS400 bin unit that has a removable divider tray for hand tools and smaller accessories and a vertical organiser for larger tools. These roll on a durable metal mobile trolley (dubbed the DS carrier) with 3 loading brackets and a loading capacity of 120 kilos. The carrier is additionally supplied with heavy-duty all-terrain wheels to get the Dewalt Tough System 2.0 boxes and all your tools to where they’re needed.

In terms of toolboxes, you also get boxes in a different capacity, but with the added benefit of being stackable and backward compatible with the boxes of the older system. The smaller DS166 has 2 removable organiser cups as well as internal dividers for larger tools. Move up to the DS300 medium box with a 30L capacity for more space. Both have reinforced side and top handles for easy carrying.

Smaller parts and fasteners can be stored in DeWalt’s organisers and drawer units. These too are part of the modular, stackable system with auto-connect side latches. Organisers are offered in two sizes – compact and full-size. They have a tough and transparent top lid to easily and quickly get to the contents inside and are comfortable to carry with the supplied bi-material handle. Look to the double drawer unit with 10 kilos carrying capacity and smooth opening and closing with drawers sitting on ball-bearing slides, or the 3-drawer unit with a 20-kilo capacity and a combination of two shallow drawers and one deep drawer for versatility.

Additional storage in the second version of the DeWalt Toughsystem includes an open tote that is compatible with the carrier, a flexible workshop racking system compatible with all toughsystem modules, compact and job site tool bags with 25 or 50 internal pockets respectively, shallow and deep trays and foam inserts for delicate parts and tools.

The new storage solution by DeWalt is an evolution of the first toughsystem, offers more carrying capacity, better build, and higher durability, and with innovative features easier accessibility, mobility and use. What’s more, it is backward compatible, so you can also use older boxes. If you have boxes and modules from the company’s TStak system, a simple adapter unit lets you use these with the toughsystem carrier as well.

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