How to Choose a Bed Frame: Match Style with Comfort

An average person sleeps about 26 years in life, and that’s a lot of time to spend in an uncomfortable bed. Many people spend much time searching for the perfect mattress, and when they finally find it, they buy the first bed frame they like, thinking its quality doesn’t matter as long as you have a quality mattress. However, many times, that’s not the case.

Put simply, the frame is the essential support for your mattress. It’s like the mattress’ ultimate partner, designed to lift it off the floor and offer sturdy backing, framing its edges. A suitable bed frame will help you get the best from your mattress and create your dream sleep retreat.

How Do I Choose a Bed Frame for My Room?

Bedframe in bedroom

When searching for a new bedframe for sale, many people often care more about the design than the function. Find a beautiful and comfortable option to get the best of both worlds. Considering factors like mattress and bedroom size, support system type, height, and style can help you pick the proper bedframe for your sleeping needs.

Consider Mattress Size

If you already have a mattress you love but are only in the market for a bedframe for sale to upgrade your bedding system, you can use the mattress as your sizing guide. It’s easy – the only thing to take care of is to ensure the bed frame matches your mattress size for a proper fit.

Some mattress sizes are available in several variations, so check twice if needed. For example, the long single mattress is 5 cm longer than its standard counterpart. Double isn’t the same as queen size. The best route to take if you aren’t sure about the labelling or can’t find the mattress’ specs is to measure the mattress with a tape measure and shop for a bed frame according to those measures.

Bedroom Size is Important, Too!

If you’re buying a completely new setting, including a bed frame and a mattress, you can choose the size you want. However, you must consider your bedroom space to preserve its functionality. Understanding how much space a bed takes in a bedroom can be tricky, whether you’re shopping in-store or online.

What can you do to visualise it better? It’s best to take a masking tape and mark the dimensions on your bedroom’s floor where you want to put the frame. You want to leave enough free space around the bed for other furniture and for you to walk around and move freely, ideally 50 cm. Don’t forget the doors, the wardrobe doors, and any drawers.

Many people tend to forget another critical factor regarding size: whether it’ll be physically possible to manoeuvre the bed into position. In other words, could you get it through the door and up the stairs if your bedroom is upstairs? Check for narrow spots, corners and hallway width.

Pick a Bed Height Preference

Another size-related factor that has to do a lot with comfort is the height of the bed frame. While the height of your knees is a usual marker for comfortability, many aspects can impact the size you’ll find most comfortable. Restricted mobility, kids and pets are some of them.

To check which height will be best for you, sit in a chair where your feet rest comfortably and measure the seat’s height. That should be the combined height of your bed frame plus your mattress. If you’ve found something you like and it’s much taller, bedtime can get difficult for you. However, if you’re comfortable sleeping higher off the ground, you get the additional benefit of a bed frame with extra storage space underneath, perfect for smaller spaces.

Choose the Right Support System

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Since its main purpose is to support your mattress properly, the framing system type you choose is one of the most critical considerations. You can choose a bed base and a complete bed frame, each with advantages. Bed bases are freestanding bedframes with a simple design and no decorative elements.

They come in different styles, including upholstered, spring boxes, adjustable and platform. Complete frames come with a headboard, footboard, side rails, and support slats inside them, held in place with the side rails. They create a more finished, decorative look. You can pair some beds with different bed bases besides the standard slats. For example, some adjustable bases are available as freestanding and integrable options.

Don’t Forget Style!

After you’ve whittled down your search parameters, consider a bed frame that best fits the ambience of your current sleeping area. For instance, you’ll surely like a more conventional bed frame with wood accents or a plush headboard if you love warm and traditional.

The clean lines of a metal frame or the understated appearance of a platform bed frame may appeal to you if you want a more sleek and contemporary style. Either way, writing down a rough concept of what you’re looking for can help you focus on selecting the ideal frame that meets all of your requirements, including aesthetic preferences.

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