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The Role of Curtains in Shaping a Room’s Decor

With all the modern interior design trends, what we’re used to seeing in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ homes may look a little old and out-of-date today. Nowadays, everything is so minimalistic, and room designs simply don’t opt for that sense of family closeness and warmth that we grew up with. Today everything is about being stylish, fancy and welcoming to people who are also stylish and fancy even if you don’t really know them so well. Well, we do live in the era of superficiality so that’s kind of understandable.Order Curtains Online

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t take that element of old-times goodness and incorporate it in your own home. There are million ways you can add an oldish charm to your ultra modern place and give it a little family sense. In this post, I’ll concentrate on the role of curtains, which have evolved quite a lot since the days of our grandparents.

The first and very important thing to know, is that curtains don’t serve for the sole purpose of covering your windows and blocking sunlight. When you decide to order curtains online for example, you’ll see that the choice of models and colours is pretty vast. Therefore, you have draperies, sash curtains, swagging fabric for little drama and many more options. Many of these have no purpose of covering your windows and as I said, serve only to create a dramatic moment in your room, so if you think you can use a little wow-effect, there’s one solution.

So what can you do for your windows using curtains? Quite a lot, actually. Once you choose your idea, the next step is to choose the colour that will best suit the rest of the room design and then, order curtains online or buy them from brick-and-mortar shops.

All the good materials

If your room design is elegant, with a lot of white and black colours and gentle glass decorations, go with gentle materials like silk, lace, nylon or very fine cotton. Make sure the colour is in accordance with the furniture in the room. Install a metal pole and simply attach the curtains on it. If your room is ultra elegant and leans towards the formal design pattern, you can also use cornices or valances which will cover the hardware.

Play a little

Change is always good. Especially if it means adding a refreshing tone to your room design. So, go country for a change. Create your own window treatment with country-casual fabrics in a three pieces curtain and a valance. Just lovely. Play a little more and add lustrous silk for tie-back curtains. The result would be amazing especially if the silk is in a pink and white colour combo.

How long?

I think the length of the curtains depends largely on how long your window is. But, it depends more on the effect you want to achieve. For instance, longer curtains give more dignified, dressy and formal look to the room while shorter designs are better for casual, relaxed room styles. It really depends on the rest of the interior elements like the furniture, the walls, the decorations. You want the curtains to be a complement to the room, not a disruption.

Bottom line, curtains really offer a way of playing with a room’s style. They can add drama, wrap all up perfectly and generally beautify the room.


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