living room decorated in Hamptons style

A Guide to Hamptons Style: Infuse Coastal Vibes into Your Living Room

Inspired by the beautiful beach houses in the Hamptons region of Long Island in the USA, the Hamptons style perfectly captures the essence of seaside living. Combining casual coastal living with laid-back luxury, the Hamptons style infuses a sense of tranquillity, warmth, casual comfort and timeless elegance. Characterised by a colour palette of whites, cream, shades of blues, greens and neutrals, Hampton interiors feel like a leisure escape by the sea.

As such, this timeless and refined style will help you create a haven of relaxation and vibrancy in your living room, for a more pleasant atmosphere. From classic furnishings with airy hues to natural textures and coastal-inspired decor, it’s easy to step into a Hamptons style living room and invite the charm of seaside living into your space.

Hamptons Style Defining Elements

Hamptons style living room in neutral colors

First, let’s define what is Hamptons style. Hamptons style is a reflection of coastal living that incorporates beach-inspired elements and colours. It means bright and light interiors defined by natural textures like ratan and linen, classic furniture pieces with clean lines and light hues and a touch of nautical decor for relaxed luxury. The style incorporates the colours of the coast which help create a beachy feel and inviting atmosphere in the living space.

How to Create a Cohesive Hamptons Style in Your Living Room

Choose the Right Colour Pallete

To create a Hamptons style living room, start by choosing the right colour palette. Incorporate accents of navy blue, seafoam green, soft greys and blues or yellows, crisp whites and elements of weathered wood. Afterall, soft pastels are the foundation of the Hamptons style.

By harmonizing these colours, you will create a living room that exudes timeless elegance, casual sophistication and a relaxed atmosphere. That’s such a pleasant place to be in, isn’t it?

Select Your Furniture

house in bright colours with Hamptons furniture

Furniture is the foundation of the living room and every other room in the house. The type of furniture you choose has the power to completely transform your space. With that being said, choosing the right furniture for designing a coastal living room is essential.

You can start by choosing a sofa in neutrals enhanced with plush cushions in soft pastel shades or classic stripes. To complement the sofa, incorporate armchairs with clean lines, upholstered in natural fabrics like linen for a casual and elegant feel. Another great addition to your hamptons sofa are ottoman armchairs. Linen upholstered ottomans are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that can be easily styled with any other furnishing in your living room.

When it comes to choosing side tables and coffee tables to enhance your living room, the selection is pretty extensive. You can opt for weathered wood or rattan if you want to add texture and warmth to the space. If you want to maintain the airy ambience in the living room, consider choosing coffee and side tables with whitewashed oak, or ivory colour or tables with mirrored tops. Look for coffee and side tables with simple designs and light finishes to maintain the coastal vibes in the room.

For cabinets and bookshelves or media consoles, consider pieces with distressed or whitewashed finish for a relaxed and beachy vibe. By carefully curating your furniture, you will be able to infuse the coastal charm into your living room.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Don’t forget that besides furniture, you can incorporate natural textures through various other decor elements such as rugs, throws, curtains, etc. Layer in soft textiles that can be in the form of woven throws, cotton rugs or linen curtains. By doing so, you will enhance the tactile appeal of your living room and create a harmonious and inviting environment.

Natural textures can perfectly capture the essence of hamptons style and help you bring seaside vibes into your space.

Add Coastal-Inspired Elements

Another way to incorporate beachy vibes into your living room is by adding accents such as mirrors, lamps, shells, ocean-themed artwork, decor pieces featuring nautical stripes, driftwood decor or decorative items made from glass, ceramics and brass.

These small but significant touches will infuse your living room with the serene charm of seaside living.

Choose the Right Lighting

The most efficient way to create beachy and airy vibes is by letting in natural light through the windows as much as possible. If you’re renovating your space, consider incorporating larger windows to allow more natural light inside your living room. If incorporating natural light through large windows is not possible, consider adding sheer curtains in white or soft beige colour or think about leaving the windows bare.

Another way to illuminate your room and create that airy feel is by opting for light fixtures such as chandeliers, pendant lights or table lamps with a coastal-inspired design if possible. Light fixtures with clean lines, neutral colours or brushed metal finishes will enhance the relaxed ambience of the space.

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