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Designer Coffee Tables: Unique Style for Your Living Room

The first time a table had been made specifically to serve as what we know today as a coffee table was during the Victorian era in Britain. To be a bit more specific, the whole thing sparked in 1868 when E. W. Godwin designed and listed a table as a “coffee table” and set it up for sale. The “invention” became an immediate hit and we’re still seeing the fruits of it today.

Coffee tables are great for more than one reason. Sure, having an extra surface to put your drink on, serve snacks on while you’re entertaining guests, or just having place necessary items on without causing clutter within the living room are a few, but what about the decor element of it all? Have you ever thought about the true ornamental potential a coffee table really has? What about all the furniture in your home?

The Importance of Furniture as Home Decor

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When you think about it, it’s actually really easy to forget that furniture is the decor, too! In fact, the furniture you use within your home, no matter the room, is the very backbone of your decor and home design style, so minding what you choose and how you use it is of utmost importance! From couch to the smallest of rugs, everything matters.

The reason why it’s so easy to forget that furniture is actually decor is the fact that we first see it as a functional item and then as everything else. However, no matter how necessary an item is, if it’s in your house it should have all the marks of your personal style all over it. It’s all quite similar to your clothing style, really. Just because you wear shoes every day it doesn’t mean you’d wear any pair, right? You actually take your time when buying, all to make sure that they’ll match the rest of your wardrobe.

Well, it’s the exact same with furniture, especially when it comes to those core pieces, like your seating options or our topic of the day – your coffee table.

Luxury Coffee Tables: How to Choose

A coffee table (or a side table) has serious decor potential, so you should never pick up any old coffee table and call it a day. Investing in designer side tables is actually a much better idea as you’ll get a piece that’s unique, durable, stylish, decorative, and very practical all at the same time.

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When choosing your perfect designer side table there are a few things you need to pay attention to. There are also a few rules that apply when finding the best place for your coffee table is in question, so read on to find out all you need to know about designer side tables and how to incorporate them in your house.

Choose the Material

First on the material’s list, we have iron.

Iron is a nice, sturdy material that’s able to be shaped into quite a pretty and durable luxury side table that will feature an intricate design you won’t be able to resist. However, one thing to always bear in mind when browsing iron designer coffee tables is the fact that they’ll most probably be quite heavy and won’t be very child-friendly. If you’re a parent of a young kid, I’d recommend skipping the iron and going for a softer material. However, if your children are grown or you’re not a parent at all, you’re free to use your iron coffee table as you please as it will fit any home decor style, from minimal and Scandi to vintage and contemporary.

Next up, equally as sturdy, but softer in look, we have wood.

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Wooden side tables are all about bringing a touch of nature to your home and introducing a more laid-back type of vibe, so if this sounds like something you’d be into, go ahead and choose a wooden side table! Coming in a variety of colours as well as designs, wooden coffee tables will also fit any home out there, but are especially keen on vintage, rustic, as well as contemporary homes.

Finally, a variation of wood with its own, special charm – wicker.

Wicker side tables are perfect for the Scandi home, the rustic and vintage homes, as well as the contemporary home. Depending on the colour, they can also fit in a minimal-styled home, too, but that’s a bold move not many would like to risk. Wicker side tables are super-friendly when it comes to children as they are pretty light, so parents might like the idea of them a lot better. Always featuring a detailed design, the wicker side table will catch the eye of anyone who’ll walk into your living room, so get ready for the compliments!

Choose the Style

When style is in question, it’s smartest to consider two categories only – modern and vintage. It may seem a bit broad, but the truth of the matter is that no matter how detailed you want to get, in the end, you’re still going to be able to fit all the different categories within these two!

A modern side table is all about a sleek, witty design that’s bold, yet unobtrusive. Modern very often equals functional, so you may not find too many details on the modern coffee tables, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. What you will find, however, is impeccable design and a lot of class and elegance that will give your living room a breath of fresh, 21st-century air.

Vintage coffee tables, on the other hand, will be detailed, intricate, and very stylish, but may sometimes seem like they’re putting functionality in second place. However, this is almost never true, so even if the table you’re eyeing seems impractical, chances are, once you sit by it and try it out, you’ll see that the design is indeed quite smart, so don’t judge too soon! Vintage coffee tables will enrich your living room with the spirit of the past, bringing glamour and sophistication into the space.

Of course, these are just general traits of each of these styles. It’s important to not forget that the material you choose will also have an impact and a say in how your coffee table looks, so bear it in mind when choosing!

Choose the Position

Finally, a word or two about proper positioning!

If your living room is big enough, by all means, place your coffee table in between your couches and other seating options to create a focal space. Do this if you love to entertain often, too. If your living room is on the smaller side, however, you can place your coffee table in front of your main seating option for that accent space, or go with two smaller tables for more variety.

Don’t forget that you can always decorate your coffee tables, too, so pick up some cute decor jars or vases, for example, and add a bit more life to the already lively scenery!

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