Shed with lights

Creative Ways to Use a Narrow Garden Shed

Garden sheds are an essential part of any outdoor space because they’re designed to store garden tools, equipment, bikes and what not. In other words, garden sheds, even the narrow ones, are great for keeping your belongings organised while leaving the outdoor area clean and tidy. Plus, no hazardous equipment will be left outside unsupervised, which is of utmost importance for those of you with little children.

These units are also ideal for storing toys, roller skates, skateboards and so on. As you can see, quality and sturdy narrow garden shed investment that will not only keep your essentials, but will also add to the overall value of your property. Not to mention that garden sheds are very easy to install. However the use of these units is not limited to only storing equipment. Sheds can be used for various other purposes as well.

Small Living Room

Shed with lights

Bringing the indoors outdoors is one of the most popular trends among homeowners over the past few years. Somehow, the warm weather makes you want to spend more time outdoors, without leaving the comfort of your living room. So, it’s no wonder why they are in constant research for new ideas on how to create an outdoor living room.

Given the fact that you have an unused narrow garden shed, you can repurpose it and turn it into your new living room. Even though the shed may be small and narrow, you can repaint its walls in a colour of your choice, add a smaller sofa or two armchairs with a small side table that you can use as a coffee table. If the space allows it, you can add a bookshelf on one of its ends and of course a nice source of artificial lighting.

This would be a great way to just hang out with your family or just unwind after a long day while looking at the peaceful and relaxing lush green lawn. You can literally turn this living room into your own reading nook where you can forget about the world at least for a moment and dive into a whole new world.

Entertaining Area

Entertaining Area shed

If your man didn’t have the chance to have his own men cave, then the unused garden shed could be the perfect place to do that. With the help of paint, a ping pong table or a huge screen with few bean bags, you can turn this shed into the perfect game room. Besides living his dream with his mates, you can also use this room for having at least one family day with your family where you could play or watch a movie together.


playhause in a narrow shed

If you’re not able to build a treehouse for your children in your yard, you can always turn the garden shed into a fun playhouse. Bright colours and fun patterns are crucial for such spaces as children are drawn to bright and vivid colours. To make things even more fun, you can add chalkboard paint on one of the walls so they could draw and write things on it. If you are not a perfectionist, let your children design their own playhouse and choose their own toys and storage boxes.

Mini Gym

gym in a shed

Garden sheds can also be turned into your own mini-gym. Depending on its size and shape, you can invest in gym equipment like the chin-up bars which are ideal for a full-body workout. With a little motivation and the right type of tools, you can get the best of both worlds, reshaping your body while staying active and healthy.

Pets’ Home

pet hause shed

If you love pets but you can’t deal with all the hair and smell in your home, you can turn your garden shed into their very own home. This goes especially for those of you who have more than one pet. In fact, these sheds are ideal since there will be no furniture to be chewed. In order to improve their comfort, you can add pet beds, food and water bowls and several toys, so they could play when inside.

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