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Outdoor Garden Furniture: Add Playfulness with a Hanging Chair

Having a garden or a patio is a privilege. It means that you can extend your home’s comfort beyond the doorstep. Who wouldn’t love sitting outside in the shadow on a sunny day and enjoying the gentle breeze, with a cool drink or a good book in their hand? So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a lovely sitting area on your porch, backyard or patio with a piece of unique high-quality outdoor garden furniture.

Since not everyone has the space to fit an entire lounge set, this article is going to talk about hanging chairs as some of the most versatile and stylish outdoor garden furniture.

Just Swing, Swing, Swing

If comfort is something you are looking for, and you wish to improve your outdoor area, treat yourself to an outdoor hanging chair. Not only do they look great – giving the whole space a beautiful and luxurious touch, but they are also very relaxing and fun.

From kids’ swinging nests to soft hanging chairs, hammocks, patio swings and basket chairs, hanging chairs come in many forms. The can also be made of various materials, free-standing or hanging by ropes or chains – for both outdoor and indoor use. And, unsurprisingly, with all the beautiful options out there, they are becoming more and more popular.


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Types of Outdoor Hanging Chairs

Any hanging chair can personalise your outdoor space and add a strong sense of luxury, harmony and above all relaxation, so there is no wrong answer as to which one you should choose. It all depends on the amount of available space you have, with soft fabric hammock chairs taking up the least, and swing chairs the most space.

When it comes to taste, you will definitely be able to find something you really like, since all these different types of hanging chairs come in many different styles and shapes. Plus, you can customise them according to your taste furthermore, by adding some nice cushions you like.

Hanging Egg Chairs

Currently, these are some the most popular type of hanging chairs especially when it comes to people who appreciate their leisure time. Hedonists are generally also very practical, mostly because practicality means that they can enjoy something even more. So, wicker is the most popular hanging egg chair choice, since it can be woven from different materials. One of the best things about wicker furniture is that it’s sturdy, but also light.

These hanging chairs can be woven from a variety of strong, yet flexible materials, such as rattan, polyethylene, or other synthetic rattan. Natural materials almost always look better than artificial materials. They are also more valuable and more high-quality. However, for outdoor use, synthetic rattan is far more suitable for outside use, as a protection against different weather conditions.

So, natural rattan, though more beautiful, is better for indoor use – for your bedroom or your living room. Additionally, you could use them under a covered outside area, such as a porch, but you should still beware slanting rain and wind.

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This means that the best choice of material of hanging egg chairs for outdoor use is polyethylene or other plastic imitation. With a chair like that, you wouldn’t have to bring it inside every time bad weather is approaching, but rather just pick up the cushions on your way in. However, there are even cushions made from high-quality materials that won’t be damaged by the strong sun or the occasional rain.

With hanging egg chairs, getting the size is very important. Pay attention if you could sit upright in it, and if you are looking at outdoor furniture online, always read the specifications and dimensions. For a hanging egg chair, measure your upper body while sitting, or use the tallest person in your family so that anyone would be able to enjoy it.


If you prefer something a little bit bigger, suitable for two or three people, as an alternative to a hanging egg chair you could think about investing in a swing. However, some garden swings can also be single-seaters.

This single piece of very comfortable outdoor furniture can make a huge difference both in your garden or on your porch, since they also come as a porch swing – hung by chains or rope from the porch beam, and as a freestanding garden swing. Both garden and porch swings can be made from a variety of materials: fabric, wood, metal, synthetic wicker etc.

Like with a hanging egg chair, some swings are more suitable than others for using outdoors, without a cover. It all depends on the materials. However, again, as it is with any outdoor furniture, though better-quality ones can withstand a lot, cushions aren’t completely weatherproof.

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Soft Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs made of fabric function similarly to hammocks, which is why they are often called hammock chairs. The difference is that they are smaller and they hang from the top, hooked at one point, unlike hammocks that are attached to two or more points.

Like the other swinging chairs, hammock chairs come in different types, styles, sizes etc., and of course in many different designs. They can be made from a vast variety of fabrics. And because the materials they are made of aren’t waterproof, it’s best if they are inside when you aren’t using them, even if they are made of quick-drying materials. Luckily, getting them inside shouldn’t pose a big problem, considering how light they usually are, and how little space they take up, comparing them to wicker egg chairs, for instance.

The most common fabrics used in hammock chairs are cotton, polyester, nylon, quick-drying materials, rope or macrame. Macrame hanging swing chairs have the most luxurious look out of all the hammock options. They can be easily installed, by hanging them to a tree or the veranda on a weight baring hook. Macrame is a method of handcrafting a textile by making knots, while rope hammock chairs can be made of cotton, polyester or DuraCord ropes.

Of course, kids would enjoy any type of swinging chair, but there are also durable and reliable chairs designed especially for kids, made of high-quality fabric, like kids’ nest swings, that can easily be attached anywhere.

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