How to Prevent Annoying Bugs from Disturbing the Serenity of Your Home

As a continent completely surrounded by water, Australia is the home of the most diverse range of insects – from the harmless housefly to the not so harmless species. Unfortunately, many of those pesky bugs can transfer undesirable and even life-threatening diseases. Therefore, with being an Aussie comes the responsibility to keep our homes free from any annoying and unwanted bugs.

When summer arrives is when all hell breaks loose. Obviously, you want to keep your home fresh and ventilated and allow more natural light to come in, but that means having to open wide your windows and doors. But an open entrance is also an invitation for any insect outside to walk right in. If only there was a way to let air come in, but keep all those annoying bugs outside?

Window Flyscreens 2

For one, you can try door and window flyscreens which are an essential part of many Australian households. Fly screens are an effective and at the same time an elegant solution to prevent bugs and all kinds of unwanted visitors such as pests or animals from entering your home. They can be attached directly on your door and window frames without spoiling their beautiful looks. Most window flyscreens are 25 mm wide and 11 mm thick in order to accommodate the most common size of windows in Australia. However, not all doors and windows are the same. If yours have unique measurements that make it hard to find a ready-made model, you can get custom-made flyscreens that will fit perfectly and leave no gaps behind.

Door and window flyscreens are made out of a very resistant mesh material which bugs cannot wiggle or chew their way through. But if you want to take extra measures, a good way to do so is to keep a clean and orderly environment. Most insects are attracted to food, moisture, and filth, and reducing these things in your home is important if you want to remain bug-free. Check whether there’s an unwanted source of moisture like for instance pipe and plumbing leaks. Also, make it your business to immediately wipe away any spills or stains and keeping your kitchen clean at all times. Don’t forget to regularly clean your garbage can and keep it closed. Refrigerate your produce and quickly dispose of any rotten fruit or vegetables.

However, insect prevention does not only refer to taking care of the interior of the house. When the state of your yard is neglected, it can quickly become a source of flea, ant or mosquito infestations. So, if you have a large lawn, make sure you mow it every other week to prevent it from housing insects. All of these solutions work best as preventative measures. But if your home is already infested, it’s better to seek help from professional pest control services.

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