Hobbying: RC Cars Are More Than Just Grown-Up Toys

If you need a hobby that will allow you to disconnect from your day-to-day worries, and simply give you fun and joy, RC cars might be what you are looking for. What’s there not to love about this hobby? You don’t need tons of time to learn, it involves playing, toys, cars, races and remote controlling.

If you like the idea, but you are new to it, there are endless varieties of RC cars that you could choose from to start with, or to enrich your collection. As you probably know, RC cars are radio-controlled cars that allow you to navigate them from a distance by remote control, through different terrains. Some RC enthusiasts use them for competitions, or for the simple joy of “driving” them around. There are also those who acquire them as collectibles as it happens with all model hobbies.

How Can You Get Started?

close up picture of rc car

Many people figure that RC cars are toys for kids, but though they certainly are, they offer much more than just children’s play. Probably anyone, or the majority of people who’ve ever had a remote control for an RC car in their hands, know how exciting, fun and stress relieving it can be. In fact, it may be the number one reason for people to undertake this hobby.

There are many reasons to go to a model shop or visit an RC shop online and start building this easy-to-pick-up but very beneficial hobby. Hobbyists vary from people who like playing – not only controlling the cars but also repairing and upgrading them – all the way to car enthusiasts, collectors and people investing in quality activities for bringing their family together.

There is an endless variety of RC cars, but they are generally divided into two categories: toy-grade and hobby grade. As you could deduce from these designations, toys are the less advanced version of them, and consequently, cheaper.

Avid hobbyists and RC cars enthusiasts build their collection slowly and deliberately, learning which cars and equipment are the best for them, and investing in it. When it comes to RC, the best, of course, is the hobby grade. Not only are they more durable, but you can also find spare parts for them, and they come in a variety of battery types you can choose from. This means that though they aren’t indestructible, you can repair them, and enjoy and have fun with them for a long time. In addition, these superior RC models can also be upgraded. You could browse through endless offers for accessories in an RC shop online or, if you have the skills, you could even try doing some incredible things yourself.

Why Are RC Cars Beneficial?

traxxas rc car in dirt

Playing is Fun

Playing is not just for kids. Most of the things we find enjoyable are in fact a form of play. Having fun is the primary reason to pick up any hobby, and with this one, it’s guaranteed. This means that it’s beneficial for you in the best possible way. According to many studies and researches, anything that allows you to forget about your troubles for a while affects your mental health in a very positive way.

Fun and relaxing pastimes relieve stress, decreasing the risks of many stress-related conditions, such as anxiety or depression. And, as we’ve heard over and over again, stress doesn’t only affect our mental, but also our physical wellbeing. So, this means that a fun new hobby will ultimately promote your overall health.

Improving Skills

One other thing related to health benefits you can get from owning RC cars is increasing hand-eye coordination. Though it may seem like a given, hand-eye coordination is in fact a cognitive ability, needed for many activities in our lives, that’s developed over time. An activity like controlling RC cars with remote control requires unifying your visual and motor skills. Additionally, RC hobby can help you improve or brush up on your mechanical skills since hobby grade RC cars have parts that can be repaired or changed.

Improving Focus and Reflexes

Competing or simply playing around with RC cars requires a lot of fast reactions. Whether it is to avoid crashing them or to achieve a new record, you’ll need to focus, to improve your reaction time, and ultimately improve them.

Bringing People Together

Maybe the best thing about the RC cars hobby is that it can impact your family life in a great way. It’s a great way to socialise – kids love playing games like this, showing off their skills, learning from each other, improving, competing. But this is also true for adults. All of these “childish” things are very human, in fact. If there are RC cars in your home, you and your family will always have a fun activity you could all do together.

Useful for Children’s Development

Apart from giving them a new way to socialise with other kids and all the other abovementioned benefits, RC cars, similarly to educational toys and games, such as STEM toys, can be good for your child’s future. The reason, of course, is because they are providing them with all that fun.

All toys kids love will help them learn about the responsibility of preserving something in good shape, taking care of their own things, and learning about consequences. But, even more importantly, these toys teach kids about repair, radio-controlling, which can in turn develop or enhance the interest in science and engineering in them.

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