chai tea

Chai Tea: Holistic and Tasty Beverage

Breaking a bad habit and replacing it with something beneficial and new is a great leap towards a better you! Whether talking about choosing stevia over artificial sugar or always choosing cotton instead of polyester clothes, with a few minor decisions, you can make a huge change in your lifestyle.

Talking about one seemingly minor, but important things that impact us on a daily basis, consuming too much caffeine can take its toll on your health. So, why not turn to chai instead?

Chai Tea


What is Chai?

This term originates from the Hindustani word which is quite similar to the Chinese word for tea ‘cha’ and in many languages it means tea. This type of tea is a warm beverage, a blend of black team, aromatic spices, and usually milk. Adding a sweetener is also an option – honey, stevia and xylitol are considered the safest and healthiest choice. This tea originates from India, but thanks to its different yet interesting taste and aroma, it has become popular all around the world. Also known as masala tea, this tea became widely used in cafes all around the world as the best alternative to coffee.

Chai Tea


The Most Popular Teas of This Kind

Matcha Tea

It goes without saying that this is one of the most popular types of tea. Just like green tea, matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, however, matcha is grown quite differently and it’s considered more nutritious. What’s more, matcha contains the nutrients from the entire plant leaf which is high in caffeine and antioxidants.

Being a very nutritious and beneficial chai, matcha tea can also protect the health of your liver which plays a major role in getting rid of metabolising drugs and toxins. Except for this, it has been said that matcha tea can also boost the overall brain function. In other words, it can improve your memory and focus, and thanks to the caffeine content, it can also serve as a great coffee substitute while increasing your energy levels. Along with green tea, matcha tea can also decrease the chances of some heart problems, while also decreasing the growth of cancer cells.

Mint Herbal Tea

If you like the taste of mint, then you will surely love this amazing minty spiced tea with a sweet hint of a sweetener of your choice. Just like the taste, its benefits are also sensational. This tea can soothe an upset stomach, improve digestion, treat bad breath and help fight the common cold and flu. It can also help lower stress, improve focus and prevent nausea.

Black Tea

Just like matcha, black tea is also high in antioxidants, it can boost the hearth health, it can lower the bad cholesterol, it can improve the gut health, reduce blood pressure and the chances of stroke. It can also lower the blood sugar levels, it can improve focus and reduce the risk of cancer.

Black Tea


Ways to Prepare This Special Tea

The Latte Version

Except for preparing this tea in its pure version (water and sweetener only), you can also add milk. So, if you are wondering what is a chai latte, the simplest answer is spiced tea with milk. Adding honey, maple syrup or dome other sugar substitutes are also an option in order to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings, and on top of it, you can add a pinch of ground cinnamon to spice things up.

The Iced Tea Version

In order to have a spiced ice tea, you should prepare the tea latte the usual way, only with half the amount of hot liquid. Once done, add the other half of fresh or cold water and add some ice cubes to it. Simple as that!

Is There Caffeine in Chai Latte?

Generally speaking, each of these special spiced teas contains caffeine since most of the used herbs contain caffeine in their purest form. So, whether talking about drinking matcha, black tea or green tea, all of them have a certain amount of caffeine out of which the black tea is the leading one.

As you can see, the overall benefits of drinking this tea are many, and I am sure anyone can find a favourite flavour.

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