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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Ballet Bag

A ballet dancer is both an artist and an athlete at the same time. And just like all artists and athletes, ballet dancers also require special equipment to help them perform their best. Whether you’re heading to your weekly class or to an audition, a good bag that’s properly packed with clothes, refreshments and other accessories can allow you to stay focused on your art without worrying about the details.

With the help of a ballet dance bag, you can systematically organise all your dance gear and easily retrieve what you need without wasting time. However, not all bags can meet the needs of a ballet dancer. To help you pick the right girls ballet dance bag, here’s what you need to consider.

girls ballet dance bag

The Type of Bag for Your Needs

The truth is that as a ballet dancer, you may need several different bags. When it comes to a bag for practice, something that has enough room to fit your dance class gear may be just the right thing, like for instance a backpack or a tote. When it comes to stage performances or auditions, obviously you will need to come prepared with more gear. These situations call for a professional girls ballet dance bag that can store and protect your costumes, makeup, shoes, as well as snacks and other accessories. Often, professional dance bags can transform into a dressing room with the help of a folding hanging rod for your costume. There are also dance bags which include wheels for easy transportation and can be very helpful if you’re going on a trip. In any case, consider your needs and pick a bag accordingly.

The Number of Compartments

Whether you’re looking for a tote for weekly classes or a professional girls ballet dance bag, pay attention to the number of compartments. More compartments allow you to dedicate a separate spot for different things. This way you will be better organised and you won’t waste time rummaging around looking for a particular item. Additionally, make sure that the bag also has a separate storage for wet clothes which is lined with a waterproof layer to protect the rest of your gear from getting wet. It’s also helpful to look for a water bottle compartment on the exterior for easy access to refreshment.

girls ballet dance bag 2


A dance bag will see a lot of wear and tear as it’s going to be regularly used. To save you the trouble (and cost) of buying a new one every month or two, make sure to look for a bag with a quality design. A quality bag will be built from sturdy materials and have reinforced seams that won’t easily tear and spill the bag’s contents. If you have trouble assessing a bag’s quality, you can look for a professional bag. Since these bags are used by professional ballet dancers who can’t afford a mishap, they are built according to very strict standards. Although they might be more expensive, these bags also come with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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