Comfy Baby Nest: A Must for Stress-Free Travelling with a Baby

You’ve probably heard this time and time again, having a baby changes your life entirely, and it can be both scary and exciting. All of a sudden you have this little bundle of joy depending on you and you find all your life now revolving around it.

That doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the process of parenting, though, the you you were before you became a parent. I’ve seen many couples lose their spark, giving up what they enjoyed doing with the excuse the baby takes up all their time, then get surprised they’re left on the brink of separation or divorce.

Instead of giving up your interests as a couple, all it takes is being creative to continue nourishing that with the addition of a baby. For me and my husband this interest has always been travelling, and even now that we’re three, that hasn’t stopped us from going on adventures, on the contrary we’ve been travelling same as before.

For us the part of being creative was the introduction of nest baby designed, allowing little ones to sleep anywhere, be it on the plane or a new room in a hotel. I’ve read a great deal of stories of parents complaining about crying infants in new places, nightmare trips, and this happens to be the ideal solution to this problem instead of giving up travelling altogether.

Babies do well with familiarity, and when I say this I refer to the smells and comfort of the home. When they’re used to sleeping in their nest, any place would smell and feel like home, so they would be safe and snug no matter where. It’s such a joy to see our bub sleeping peacefully, getting all the needed rest wherever we go.

So far so good, I might as well say our trips are only getting better with time. What I love about the concept of nest baby designed is how easy it is to take it along, it doesn’t take up much space and it’s lightweight. Furthermore, it’s not one of those nursery items that are quickly out of use with the baby’s growth because it’s adjustable and all it takes is pulling the strings to change the size.

As a parent, I’m now more conscious of chemicals and materials, so my primary concern were harmful substances, but much to my surprise the nest is beneficial in this point of view as well; the outer fabric is 100% organic cotton, the filling is Oeko Tex standard polyester, CE tested, so it’s free from toxins, breathable and best of all, comfortable.

If you want a stress-free travelling experience with a baby, get a nest.

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