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Leander Changing Mat: An Indispensable Baby Product

The History of Leander

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The story of this company started in 1998 when Stig Leander, who served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith, came up with the idea of developing a cradle or cot that can soothe and stimulate children’s development. He came up with this idea thanks to his sister-in-law who was pregnant with twins back then. And just like that, Stig saw what nobody was able to see at that time, and only a year after the first models were ready in his workshop, the first Leander cots were available in stores in Denmark. Within a few years, this idea of his grew into an entrepreneurial adventure. The cradle gained such huge success that it became an international piece of furniture.

Nowadays, this company is an international furniture manufacturer that is devoted to designing quality children furniture. What makes this furniture piece different from others is the play, movement and creativity it encourages in children. In other words, the Leander furniture is designed to enhance their development.

Introducing the Newest Changing Mat

Besides the iconic cradle, baby beds, high chairs, dressers, wardrobes and accessories, one of the most amazing and the newest invention of this company is their incredible baby change mat.

We all know how important having a change mat when having a baby is. It can make your everyday life easier, happier and comfier. And while this company can provide you with a large selection of changing mats, it is the Leander Matty model that stole the hearts of many parents around the world.

What Makes the Leander Matty So Special?

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The Leander Matty is a revolutionary baby change mat that can keep your little one safe while changing his/her diaper. This changing mat is designed to transform any dresser or table into a baby changing station in no time. The only thing you need to do is place the mat on the unit and you can freely use it. Thanks to the no-slip base, you can have peace of mind that nor your baby or the mat will slip off the table. Additionally, the raised sides can also add to your baby’s safety which is yet another benefit of this exquisite changing mat for baby.

Made from the softest PUR foam, a material that is extremely close to the feeling of bare skin, it seems that this changing mat really has it all. Thanks to this feature, no extra padding or cover is needed before putting your baby on it. However, don’t let this softness and cosiness fool you. This material is extremely robust and resilient to everyday wear and tear. In other words, you can use the mat for as long as you want and pass it to generations for years to come.

Weighing only 2.9kgs, this mat can be easily moved from one place to another. This feature is extremely welcomed as this is something you won’t get if you invest in a dresser or a traditional change table. Safe to use on any flat surface, 100% waterproof and with dimensions of 70 x 50 x 11cm, the Leander Matty is all you need in your life. Featuring simple and sleek lines, and being available in four colours (pale blue, dusty grey, soft pink and cappuccino), it seems that this amazing mat can perfectly fit in any nursery décor.

How to Clean Diaper Changing Mat?

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Cleaning this changing mat is extremely easy and convenient thanks to its material. It can be cleaned with a textile cloth and a little bit of water and mild soap. Using alcohol is also an option, just make sure to use one that is free of endocrine disruptors. Because there are no seams or any cracks between the material, this model is extremely hygienic. You can even toss it in the bath and clean it with the showerhead.

So, whether you want to buy the perfect baby gift for someone close or you are simply looking for a quality changing mat for your baby, Leander’s mats are the perfect choice regardless of the occasion. Thanks to their classic and practical design, and their ability to instantly adapt to the baby’s body temperature, the Leander Matty models have become the first choice among many Australian moms.

Finding this changing mat is easy, as all you have to do is to visit the official Leander website and look for the certified Australian distributor. Or, you can find a reliable and reputable online dealer which is devoted to providing its customers with high-quality baby products from trusted brands.

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