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The Essential Pet Accessories to Have Before Bringing Your New Buddy Home

Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or a kitty, this is definitely a very exciting time for you. You’ve already picked an adorable name, and are mentally adjusting your schedule around walk times and bathroom breaks, so you’re probably wondering what else is there? Well, more than what first-time pet owners typically think. Having the essential pet accessories is of great importance when welcoming a new member of your family in your home.

Choosing a Bed

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To ensure that your pet has a place where he can feel safe and comfortable, and where he can stay out of trouble, the first and most important thing to have when he arrives at your home is a crate. Pets love the calm and familiar feeling they have when they’re in their own space. There are many step-by-step video guides to crate-training your pet as well as expert tips by professionals on finding the right type of crate for your new buddy.

While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to have a dog kennel. This is a shelter or house-like structure for pets which is typically enclosed with plastic, metal bars or wire mesh. It is great for keeping your dog in confinement as it provides him with a safe and comfortable place to rest. This is one of the best pet accessories to have as it is very useful for people who don’t have a fenced yard or garden.

Feeding Essentials

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As with most people, the fastest way to a pet’s heart is through his stomach. Before he comes into his new home, make sure you have plenty of food on hand, as well as bowls for kibble and fresh water. Consult with your veterinarian about what’s the best healthy diet for your pet and what are the best products for him. And don’t forget the treats! You don’t want to give your dog too many of them but you’ll also want to spoil him a bit sometimes. They certainly can help you with training.

Other Accessories

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A pet collar with an identification tag is the simplest and most affordable way to increase the chances of finding your pet in case he gets lost. A leash will help you keep your dog under control while taking a walk. If you have a cat, remember that it needs a place to scratch. That will help it with its natural desire to sharpen its claws. Most pets, even the ones with short hair, need brushing. So, make sure to have on hand brushes and a comb. If you are planning to bathe your pet, you will need a suitable shampoo for their type of coat to keep it healthy and shiny. As for their entertainment, dog love balls to run after, while cats usually prefer small, soft pieces of food in pouches.

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