Indoor Cats: Entertain Their Claws & Keep Your Furniture without Flaws

Bringing a cute little kitten home soon? Great for you! There is nothing cuter than a playful, cuddly little furball of a kitten. So, you’ve probably got him a bed, a water and food bowl and some food supplies, but did you remember to get some kitten toys too? Indoor cats need lots of entertainment to stimulate their natural hunting instinct. Bored cats tend to get in a lot of trouble – from scratching your furniture to peeing in the wrong place to knocking everything off your kitchen counters. By providing your kitten with fun toys that can let them tap into their inner hunter, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches and your cat will be much happier. Here are some cool kitten toys suggestions to help you keep your cat busy and away from your stuff.

Mice Toys

The best way to keep a cat entertained is to spur their natural desire to hunt. Mice are a natural prey for cats, so they are an excellent choice for a kitten toy. They come in colourful, bouncing, squeaky and even robotic varieties.

Cat Scratchers

Cats need to scratch; it helps to keep their claws short but sharp. It is also one of the ways they mark their territory and tell other cats to stay away. In order to prevent your cat from scratching up your furniture and encourage his natural scratching behaviour, you will want to get him a scratcher. Cat scratchers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and style, but scratching posts are the prefered choice as they are tall enough for cats to stretch out fully, stable enough to resist them pushing against, and have a vertical thread.

Ball and Track Toys

These toys include a ball inside a circular track. When the cat tries to get the ball out the toy, it spins around the track. Cats get entertained by watching the ball circle around as they try to swat it out.

Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

Some cats are very smart and need an interactive toy that can really exercise their brains. A peek-a-prize toy box is one of these toys. It is a box full of holes, made of wood, and holds toys or catnip inside the holes. You can hide different toys in different parts of the box and let your smart cat fish the toys out. Some of these boxes already come with some toys, but you can also add new ones to make the toy even more fun and interesting to play with.

Wand Toys

These toys are great for stimulating your cat into chasing and hunting the toy. It is also a great way to interact with your cat while his getting his much needed exercise.

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