Puppy Clothes: Style and Comfort for your Furry BFF

As if dogs weren’t already mans’ cutest best friends, they invented canine clothing. Tutus, dresses, fluffy sweaters, jackets and socks are just a few of the dogs clothes found Australia wide and the list grows longer every day.

Those who oppose dog apparel usually refer to the inhumane use of dogs’ costumes for fashion purposes or they think it’s unnecessary. Truth is, comfortable puppy clothes that meet the needs of your doggo can provide many benefits for its health and well-being.

Continue reading to find out why you should consider getting dog clothes for your pouch and how to choose the baddest outfit for the goodest boy or girl.

Is it OK to Dress up Dogs?

First things first, this is the question that bothers many pet parents when it comes to dog apparel. And the answer is yes, it’s good to put clothes on dogs provided that they’re comfortable. Moreover, puppy clothes provide additional safety and comfort for both small and large breeds.

If your pupper enjoys scratching its fur a little too much, you can protect it with a lightweight t-shirt or a cozy fleece vest. This will prevent those anxious paws from digging into the skin and causing sore spots. Zeez’s cozy fleece vest is made from breathable and lightweight fabric which makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Did you know that pet clothes for dogs can soothe anxiety and reduce stress? Dogs like to stay warm and cozy, and a knitted jumper made from soft, snuggly materials will do the trick. If you want to take things up a notch and make sure your pal feels loved while you’re away, keep its new clothes in your drawers for a few days. Your dog loves the way you smell and will appreciate this ‘ghost hug’ until you return home.

Dog Clothing Keeps Your Pouch Warm

As said earlier, dogs enjoy staying warm and cozy and this is crucial for their health and well-being during colder months, especially for smaller breeds. Although dogs have fur that protects them from the cold, it doesn’t mean that they can’t develop serious conditions such as frostbite, pneumonia and hypothermia if the conditions are bad enough.

Dog Clothing Keeps Your Pouch Warm

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A Thermo master fleece dog vest will keep your pup nice and toasty during mildly cold days, but if your furry friend is tagging along on your snowy adventures, make sure you get a warm dog jacket such as the Zeez’s supreme dog coat. This coat will keep your puppy snug as a bug thanks to the soft inside lining made from faux fur. Also, since water resistance is also worth considering for winter months, the supreme coat’s exterior is 1680 Denier with PU coating which makes it waterproof and showerproof.

Dog Clothing Will Help Your Dog Cool Down

Brachycephalic breeds such as pugs and bulldogs don’t do well in warmer climates. Same goes for Pomeranians, huskies and malamutes. Depending on the breed, your dog might need some extra help to cool down during hot summer days to avoid overheating.

Check out Zippy’s paws cooling dog vest designed for active dogs. This vest will keep your puppy cool for up to 9 hours thanks to the cooling polymer crystals which are sewn directly into the fabric. To activate the cooling features, simply soak the vest in water for 5 minutes and squeeze out the excess liquid. The water will slowly evaporate to help keep your dog chill for several hours.


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Dog Clothes That Keep Your Pup Safe

There are also dog clothes Australia wide that are designed to upgrade your dog’s safety. Pawz has some adorable neoprene doggy life jackets that come with reflective stripes to ensure maximum visibility in low light. These jackets also have a handle on top, so you can quickly grab your pup out of harm’s way and keep it safe when out and about in the water. The adjustable nylon straps, quick-release buckles and easy maintenance materials make this jacket a very convenient piece of clothing.

Paws Protection

It is also worth mentioning that your dog’s paws might need some extra protection from extreme weather conditions and the elements. Buying a pair of waterproof boots for your pouch is especially important if you two go hiking together or walk over rough terrains.

Choose boots for dogs that are made with waterproof nylon and have a polar fleece lining to protect those paws from chilly frostbite or hot surfaces. Non-slip soles are also a good feature since dogs tend to slip on icy surfaces.

Footwear or paw wear, in this case, will also protect your dog’s paws from sharp-edges, salt and other chemicals found on the streets. This barrier that the dog boots provide will ensure the paw pads stay safe and healthy.

Cuteness Overload

Functionality aside, puppies in clothes are super cute! Just the thought of a pupper dressed in a lovely jumper melts your heart. DGG has a huge range of snuggly, warm and comfortable knitwear that screams cuteness overload. Their coats are super stretchy to ensure maximum comfort at all times, they extend to the neck and shoulders to keep everything nice and toasty and they won’t inhibit toileting.

Cuteness Overload

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Get the black & caramel argyle pattern to dress up the most cheerful host and watch that tail wag with joy. The blush pink jumper with little bones is also an adorable option for your fur baby. If you want to turn your dog into the ultimate fashionista, get one of DGG’s stylish parkas which are the definition of fashion and comfort.

Taking all of this into account, it’s safe to say that puppy clothing can improve the life quality of your dog. As long as you choose clothes made from high-quality fabrics that are safe for your dog’s skin and fur and you opt for designs that won’t restrict your pal’s movements and needs, you have nothing to worry about. Show your doggo some love and start shopping to buy dogs clothing online today.

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