Skin and Coat Care Products for Cats Recommended by Vets

Adopting a cat will surely enrich your life. If you have decided to bring a cat home, you have to be properly prepared for it. So, aside from the essential pet accessories to have when bringing your new buddy home, you also have to be prepared with the right health-care supplies for cats. There are many health coat and skin treatments for cats that you should have because your cats will definitely need them at some point. Here’s a list of some of the most common products for cats recommended by vets.

Malaseb Shampoo

Out of the vast array of supplies for cats pet shops offer, Malaseb shampoo is one of the first on the list that you will need. This is an antifungal, antibacterial and antipruritic shampoo for cats and dogs. It is formulated to remove, scale, and degrease the skin, and to kill micro-organisms. By killing the micro-organisms, this shampoo helps keep the yeasts and bacteria at manageable levels. Plus, it eliminates allergens such as pollens which can be trapped in fur or on the skin, thus causing itching and irritation. This shampoo also removes allergens such as pollens, usually caught in the fur or on the skin causing irritation.

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One of the most common fungal conditions in cats is Ringworm. Malaseb shampoo helps sterilise the coat of ringworm spores, thus helping to recover more quickly and to prevent the spread of the disease. To treat ringworm, this shampoo can be either used alone or in combination with systemic medication (typically anti-fungal tablets). During the ringworm treatment, use this shampoo twice a week when the infection is active. Once the infection is under control, you can reduce the frequency of bathing to once per week.

Wondering how do you use Malaseb shampoo? Just apply a small amount of it and lather it over the entire body of your pet. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off with water. Be cautious while bathing your pet and don’t allow it to lick the products in order to prevent ingestion.

PAW Manuka Wound Gel

manuka wound gel



Paw Manuka wound gel is made from Manuka honey, natural oils, and waxes. It helps cats (dogs, horses and other companion animals as well) with wounds, helps maintain natural wound pH, reduces and prevents contamination, external bacteria and infection, may assist in the removal of slough and necrotic tissues, etc. Use it when your cat has non-healing and chronic wounds, malodorous and sloughy wounds, burns, traumatic, acute, and surgical wounds, and as a general first aid. It is supposed to be used freely and can be applied directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing. How often you will change the dressing will depend on clinical circumstances.

Homeopet Skin & Coat

This product is formulated to help itchy, irritated, broken or thickened skin. The key formula to this product is the list of active ingredients which stimulate the body to produce histamines to fight the causes and symptoms of the irritation. Homeopet Skin & Coat provides temporary relief from seasonal allergies. It also supports healthy skin and coat in cats. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and there are no known side effects of it. So, aside from senior pets, it may be used for kittens and young animals too.

Ilium Oticlean

This is a skin and ear cleansing solution that works as an adjunct in the treatment of otitis extrema (inflammation of the ear canal), wounds, and abrasions when healing is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, debris or wax in cats ears. It also works as a regular ear cleaner and can be combined with ear drops to aid in the treatment of ear infections. In addition, it is also useful to clean superficial wounds and abrasions. If your cat has wounds, apply this product liberally to clean the wound and repeat the application 2-3 times a day. For cleaning the ears, instil liberally into the ear canal, and massage base of the ear to loosen the wax.

Megaderm Omega 3 & 6

megaderm omega


An ideal maintenance product for cats (also dogs) that are prone to skin conditions, but also for those with normal skin is the Virbac Megaderm Omega 3 & 6. This liquid nutritional supplement is also helpful in managing itchy skin conditions in cats and dogs. It contains essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, E, Zinc and Inositol. You can use it for your cat if it has dry or itchy skin and coat, but also if you just want a healthy coat your furry friend. It can be easily administered by adding it to the food. You just have to fill the dose chamber to the desired amount and pour it in the food (once a day).

Fido’s Flea Shampoo

This cats’ shampoo contains a natural insecticide – pyrethrin which controls fleas and lice. The mild formulation of Fido’s flea shampoo has been specially prepared to reduce animal odours and make cats’ coat soft and lustrous. However, it doesn’t control the paralysis tick.

To use it, first wet the coat of your pet with warm water, and apply shampoo at several places. Then, work into a good lather and massage it well into the coat, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water. This shampoo is also suitable for dogs. When using this shampoo, be extremely careful, especially with kittens and puppies. It can be toxic as it contains pyrethrin.

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