How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Decor for Your Big Day

By now, you’ve booked your venue, found a band that you actually like, and agreed on the menu. So, it’s finally time for the part you’ve been most excited for – choosing your wedding décor. The right wedding décor can turn this important event into something out of a fairytale, which is why many soon-to-be-weds find this element to be one of the most important ones. So, in order to help you pick the perfect wedding décor for your big day, here are some helpful tips.

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Settle for a Theme

You can’t choose wedding décor if you don’t have a solid idea of how you want your venue to look and feel like, which is why deciding on a theme is the first step you need to take. Common wedding themes are styles like traditional, rustic, vintage, bohemian, beachy, modern and others. Besides going for a particular style, your wedding theme can also be something super specific, like for instance an enchanted forest wedding or a whimsical ’90s look. By coming up with a theme, you will have a mental image of what kind of décor you need which can greatly speed up the process of looking for supplies wedding stores sell.

Use a Particular Colour Palette

In order to make sure that everything is cohesive, it’s important to use a particular colour palette. This can be a soft colour palette consisting of ivory, beige and pinks, an extravagant one like red and gold, or an unusual one that incorporates metallics and even the occasional black. It’s best to gravitate towards colours that you use in everyday life as opposed to using a palette that’s popular for weddings. When choosing colours, don’t just say red if you mean burgundy, and don’t say blue if the colour you want is sky blue. Using the correct words can make a big difference! Some couples also like to stick to a single main colour as opposed to using a palette. If that’s you, consider using a variety of shades of the same colour as opposed to one exact hue used in everything.

Stick to a Budget

Your shared life shouldn’t start with debts. So, try to set a specific budget for everything and stick to it. Once you know how much money you have to spend, you can find a vendor who’s service rate is within your budget range. When it comes to buying décor and supplies wedding planners recommend choosing a wholesale vendor as this is the best way to find the most affordable and attractive deals. And finally, always disclose your budget openly with all the people involved in the process of decorating such as florists and venue decorators so that they can offer you only the options that work for you.

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