Campervan Equipment: What are the Essentials?

Everyone at some point in their life has gotten tired of living in the city and wanted to embrace a little bit of nature. However, most people aren’t really comfortable living in a tent for a couple of days. They’re too used to the comfort of their home – sleeping in their own bed, using their bathroom, watching TV and all the perks that come with it. This is where a campervans come to the rescue – offering the best of both worlds.

You get to enjoy the wonders of nature while also having the comfort of your home around you. All campervans come with a bed, or a couple of them, but there is not much else besides that. So for this reason, you might need to consider purchasing some campervan equipment to make your stay much more enjoyable. There is literally so much campervan equipment that you can’t possible fit everything in your vehicle. For that reason, I assembled a small list of the most essential equipment that every campervan owner should have.

Water Supply

First and foremost, you’ll definitely need something to supply you with fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing. While some camping sites will supply you with fresh water, others won’t. And even if the campsite has water, you will still need a place to store it. There are a few different types of water containers for campervans and the most popular ones have wheels. You should be able to easily roll them from the caravan to the water supply and vice versa.

Waste Water Removal

The waste water from your campervan needs to be removed on regular basis. A lot of campsites will allow you to dispose the waste water directly into designated drains. Anyhow, you should have a container for it. And just like the water supply container, the waste water containers usually have wheels and are placed underneath the campervan, where all the waste water is directed to from the sinks.

Kitchen Equipment

While you might have a kitchen in your campervan, it still might not be fully equipped so that you can use it to prepare all the meals you have in mind. Buy pots, drinking glasses, and kitchenware in order to enjoy the food like you do at home.


You’ll probably be occupied throughout the day enjoying the variety of outdoor activities, but when the night comes, you might find yourself bored with nothing interesting to do. You can bring a TV that runs on leisure batteries. Some campervans have retractable holders while other don’t, so you might have to additionally invest into a mount bracket.

All in all, taking a few days off to spend some time in nature is always a good idea. You should take some accessories and equipment that will help you feel more like at home, but don’t overdo it. The purpose of your trip is to get away from everyday life and feel the wonders of nature.

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