Hot Tub Repair

Spa Repair: Knowing When to Turn to Pros Can Save Your Initial Investment

Hot tubs can melt the pain away. The combination of heat and massage is great for relieving stress, speeding up the metabolism, lower the blood pressure and achieve muscle and joints relaxation. Soaking in a hot tub can also improve your mental state and your ability to fall asleep faster.

Buying a hot tub is the first step to being able to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits for long time to come. But spas inevitably go wrong once in a while and that is why you need repair spa expert opinion and help. After the initial installation, if not handled properly, having a spa can cost you additional money, time and stress.

As a spa owner, you want to keep the spa water clean and clear but some of the normal things that come with using it like body oil and dirt buildup can cause blockage to hot tub filter (which act as kidney to the spa). Water can’t flow through a clogged, dirty filter which means contaminants won’t be removed from your tub. The blockage of the hot tub filters can also mess up the performance of your pump and prevent the heather from operation. That’s why filter cleaning should be scheduled on a regular basis. For this project to be fulfilled, you will need the right equipment and special chemical filter cleaning agent which is something only repair spa professionals know how to perform best.

Hot Tub

All spas come with an installed heater, which is an electric immersion element, housed inside of a stainless steel tube, or another vessel. If it happens so that you are enter you spa just to find out that the water isn’t warm enough, you might need to do a check up. Irregular water temperature can potentially signify a heater problem that can be solved by doing a replacement, for which, again, you need professionals.

Seeing the words error code on your touchscreen control panel is just another common issue that can occur when owning a spa. Most of the working parts of your spa are included in the spa control so it is very important to have your spa control system in a good working condition. If resetting it doesn’t solve the problem and the display keeps showing strange messages and blinking lights, maybe it’s time to call for a help.

No matter what the problem may be, keep in mind one simple rule that water and electricity don’t mix! Repair spa specialists have the knowledge and expertise to handle the situation best, so don’t hesitate to turn to them for any advice.

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