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Why Is It Important to Invest in Specialized Mountain Bike Shoes?

Mountain biking can benefit you in so many ways. It’s not just a healthy cardiovascular activity, but it also enables you to be out in nature and admire the lovely views will lungs full of fresh air and all of that can lift up your mood as well. Since it is quite dynamic and demanding, if you are considering to turn mountain biking into your new hobby, you’ll have to invest in proper gear. When it comes to the feet, there’s no denying that that’s the part of your body that will do most of the work, so you need to prepare them well with proper shoes. There are various types of mountain bike shoes Australia stores offer, so you need to know which features to look for in order to get he best value for your money.

cyclist riding his bike in nature

While on the bike, it’s important to feel secure and in control. That’s why many of the mountain bike shoes feature a bottom with cleats and a mechanism that can hold your feet secured on the pedals. This eliminates the chances of you feet slipping off the pedal. Contrary to this, there is the option of flat mountain bike shoes. These cannot offer such high level of protection against slipping, but they do feature sticky rubber soles which can make for a better grip on the pedal once on the bike.

When taking the bumpy roads, you’ll need to not only feel secure, but also comfortable. In such cases, sometimes your mountain cycling routine won’t consist only of riding the bike, but a lot of the time you’ll be carrying it around until you get to a terrain where you can actually ride. This can put even more pressure on your feet and that is why you need to make sure that when looking though the different choices of mountain bike shoes Australia specialized stores have in range, you go for shoes made of breathable materials that can let the air flow thus keeping your feet fresh and sweat free as much as possible.

cyclist into the woods

Other features to look for in your shoes are stability and durability. Since walking and climbing with the bike also includes being in contact not only with the pedal but also the soil, lots of dirt, mud ,rocks and roots may come in way depending on the weather conditions which you cannot always predict. Different trails bring different challenges, some are more or less slippery or rocky so you better be prepared. You’ll need shoes to stand against these conditions and luckily most manufactures are now improving the rubber compound used for the soles of the shoes.

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