For an Amazing Fishing Trip, Make Sure to Follow These Tips

A fishing trip offers the ideal bonding experience – it can make for an unforgettable family trip or a random weekend activity with your buddies. But even if you want to get away from people, simply meditate in nature and focus on your thoughts, fishing has just the right amount of Zen for you. Whatever your preference, there is no point in organizing your friends, getting to the location to only realize you don’t have all that it takes for a successful fishing. For that reason, here are a few things for you to keep in mind when planing your fishing trip

Gear Up!

First, get yourself a nice, large fishing backpack. Believe me, you’ll have a lot to carry – the entire fishing equipment, food, water, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, and whatnot – so it needs to fit everything. Look for a waterproof fishing backpack as you can never know what kind of circumstances you might come across while out there fishing. Then, make a list of what you’ll put in it. The most basic essentials are the fishing rod and some baits. The rod must be both flexible and with a strong reel to withstand the fish’s weight. Rods that break into three or more pieces are usually more convenient and fit better in a backpack. As for the baits, different species of fish require different types. For example, catfish respond best to catfish bait specifically made for them, or if you can’t find any – raw chicken liver will do. Bream fish on the other hand, like the taste of crickets and other similar insects. But with some fish you can’t know for certain what kind of bait is best to lure them. Therefore, it’s best if you take a variety of them with you, like plastic creature baits, hairy files, shiny spoons, leeches and the most famous ones – worms.

Fishing Backpack

Fish for the Perfect Spot

You’ve been probably asking around where you can find a good spot for fishing, however, no angler will reveal their fish mine just like that. Sorry to say this, but you’re on your own. That means that before you actually go fishing, you need to fish for the perfect spot. If you’re fishing on land, get your hands on a topographic map of your area and look for a place where a river, stream, or brook crosses a topographic line. This signals a sudden drop in elevation, which means there is a rapid and a pool at the end of it. Fish tend to spawn at these spots, so if you’re able to pinpoint them on the map, you’ll be set to meet fish heaven. However, if you want to fish out in the open sea, you have to have in mind what kind of fish species you’ll be targeting. Snook, for instance, reproduce in lagoons, while Red Grouper thrive in shallow seas and areas with a rock bottom structures like coral reefs. Read about different fish and their favourite spots and you’re good to go.

Enjoy Yourself

Fishing is primarily a leisure activity today, as we’re a long way from the time when it was crucial for human survival. So, don’t stress out if the fish don’t want to bite. If they are having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you should have one too. Sitting beside the water shore or floating in a boat is a nice opportunity for you to let your mind roam free, put your favourite songs on, sing at the top of your lungs, or just lie there basking in the sun. Whatever floats your boat. It’s your free time – use it to the max!

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