What You Need in Order to Get Started in the Martial Arts World

In martial arts, as with a lot of things in life, the first steps are often the most crucial. That first lesson and that first time you step on the mat will be one of the largest determining factors on whether you will dedicate yourself to learning this particular discipline or whether you’ll immediately decide that it simply isn’t for you. Naturally, a lot also depends on the teacher and the facility itself, but as far as what you can do to make sure that you are properly prepared for your first day, there are a few items of martial arts supplies that everyone should make sure they have.

The first and arguably most crucial item of martial arts supplies that everyone needs to have is a proper uniform for that specific fighting style. While this seems obvious, there are quite a few people that turn up to karate practice in a judo gi, which might seem identical but have a difference in weight and weave just large enough to put you at a slight disadvantage when sparring. There are also many people who go to practice in any shorts that they had lying around their house, while the specific shorts that are required for say muai thai aren’t the same as the ones they played basketball in.martial arts supplies

The next item that you will need to get will have to be some protective gear. This is without question, not a suggested piece of equipment, but rather the most vital gear for any martial artist. While the most common items in this category are the gloves as they are meant to protect both the hands of the attacker as well a the one that is being attacked, there are also other items for each specific martial arts field. These items include headgear, shin guards, elbow and knee protectors, and even protective pads that cover the entire front of the body. Aside from the protection that they offer, these items also restrict your speed and movements somewhat, meaning that simply wearing them will help you improve a little faster and you will feel a large difference when you remove them.

The final item that every martial artist needs to have is a gear bag. While this may not directly correlate to any fighting style and you can get any bag that’s big enough to fit all of your equipment in it, it is an essential item nonetheless. All you really need to know before buying a gear bag is to make sure that it’s easy to carry and that it has enough compartments to fit any additional items you might want to bring along.

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