Here’s Why Your Restaurant Definitely Needs a Blast Freezer

You don’t have to be a restaurant owner to know what some of the more important pieces of equipment every kitchen needs to have are. In fact, I am sure that almost everyone can figure out what most of the essentials are and how they need to be properly used. There are, however, a few items of kitchen equipment that not many people know of that can provide a lot of different benefits. Surprisingly, some of these items seem to fly under the radar of a few restaurant owners as well. One of these items is called a blast freezer chiller, and if you happen to be one of those owners, or are aspiring to be one, then you might want to learn a bit more about these great devices.

blast chillers

As you might have guessed from its name, the blast freezer chiller is a specialised refrigeration unit that is designed to cool down the items that are placed inside of it at a much faster rate than any normal freezer. It’s also important to mention how this more rapid freezing process is better for the products and consequently for the restaurant itself.

The blast freezer chillers use high-velocity fans in order to blow a mass of super cooled air across the food items, while the standard freezers use much less powerful fans over a longer period of time. This shorter amount of time that the chillers can cool food items in results in the formation of smaller ice crystals than the ones during the standard freezing process. On top of better conserving the nutritional value of the food, the smaller ice crystals are also less conducive to bacteria and protect the items better over the short periods of time that it is frozen.

The main benefit that a blast chiller can offer your restaurant is the ability to allow you to freeze and defrost food much quicker which will result in the process getting streamlined and you being able to accommodate more customers at once. This will also result in potentially less waste as the amount of food that needs to be thrown away at the end of the day will be decreased dramatically. Additionally, it goes without saying that the customers will immediately notice the difference in taste between food which was frozen and chilled. While it may not seem like essential kitchen gear, the blast chiller can provide your establishment with too many undeniably useful advantages to be passed up and not properly considered as a good investment.

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