Roof Racks: Versatile Vehicle Accessories for Everyday and Special Use

If you’re looking to hit the road this time of the year, it is best that you make a check list with all the essentials you need to bring with you, so that you don’t forget anything that might ruin your experience. In case the list gets longer than you expected and you worry you might not be able to bring everything with you, then you need to add one more item to that list – a roof bar (rack).

Fitting a roof rack onto your vehicle adds a ton of practicality and versatility. In fact, the roof rack is arguably the most versatile and valuable accessory you can add to your car. These accessories are the ideal solution for millions of adventurers, holidaying families, handy-people, DIYers, business owners, cyclists and many more. The main purpose of roof racks is to help you carry more stuff.roof rack

You can easily and securely carry more luggage, baby equipment, surf boards, a ladder, a bike or anything in between. There are hundreds of everyday scenarios where racks come in very handy, so you won’t have to constantly hire a van or bother your mates who own a large estate car. Basically, a roof rack lets you carry more and frees up space for you and the passengers inside the cabin.

However, buying and fitting a rack isn’t all that straightforward. You’ll come across different types meant for different vehicles. Your best bet is to find one that’s particularly made for your vehicle’s model and make to ensure it fits, but there are also universal models that may fit your vehicle just fine as well. There are 4 basic types of racks: racks for vehicles with raised roof rails, racks for vehicles with solid roof rails, racks for vehicles with fix points, and racks for vehicles without fix points or rails.roof racks

Regardless of which type you end up choosing, make sure it’s built of a quality, durable material like steel or aluminium. Aluminium racks are typically more expensive than steel, simply because they’re more lightweight and durable. The cost is also effected by other features, such as whether or not the rack has an aerodynamic profile or not. And lastly, the brand may affect the price, but luckily there are many brands that manufacture quality and affordable racks.

Perhaps the best thing of all about these accessories is that you can easily install them on your own as a DIY project that won’t take more than a few hours. All you have to do is read the manual that comes with them about the fitting position and torque settings, keep the entire roof clean while installing them, and lube up the bolts with copper grease (this ensures the removal of the rack in the future is going to be effortless).

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