Improve the Quality of Your Working Days with an Ergonomic Office Chair

Considering the long office days executives endure and the additional stress the job entails, it is only natural that a high-quality ergonomic chair is a must. Sitting in an optimal position is important for being productive, so investing in an executive office chair simply makes good business sense. Otherwise, you risk distress and discomfort that can ultimately lead to days when you can’t show your real potential. Here is all that in more detail.

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Health Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

There are many people who believe that it is quite normal to complain about aches after a long day at work spent mainly in a sitting position. However, owning the wrong chair, or a poorly set up desk are most often the culprits. An ideal sitting position means placing both your feet flat on the floor and your knees and hips in a parallel position with minimal pressure at the back of the thighs. This results in optimum posture support.

Once you start looking through executive chairs for sale you will surely come to realize that these come with numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, traditional chairs are usually one of the reasons why most people can’t maintain proper posture while sitting at their desk. Well, ergonomic executive chairs offer a solution to these problems. They come with all the essential features needed for a healthy posture. The backrest of these chairs is made to support the natural curvature of your spine and once you find your ideal position, you will start feeling better, and in time you can correct your posture and keep your back straight.

As a result of helping you maintain proper sitting position, you will certainly notice that ergonomic chairs also help with back and neck aches. Neck stiffness, for instance, can lead to complications such as spondylosis . When constant, these can be the lead factor for work-absence, and nobody wants that. Especially not for executives. Another important thing you should have in mind is that hard chairs put unnecessary pressure on your hips, whereas ergonomic chairs have enough padding and depth to help support the hips and significantly reduce the stress and pressure. And the best part? – All these health improvements are an bonus to the immense comfort you will experience while at work.

Important Features of Ergonomic Office Chairs

It is vital to remember that not all executive chairs for sale available are made the same – there are some features that make certain models better and more suitable than others. Here is what I mean.

  • Adjustability

This feature is twofold. Namely, you can adjust the arm sets and the seat height. By properly aligning the elbow and with that the wrist on the keyboard, a number of repetitive wrist and hand injuries can be reduced. Plus, if your seat height is not ideal you risk neck, wrist and leg injuries. And lastly, some models of executive chairs for sale come with adjustable seat-backs too. This option allows the user to lean backwards al much as needed.

  • Lumbar Support

As previously mentioned, lower back support is very important. The lumbar spine has a natural inward curve, and without the proper support of this curve, you risk slouching which flattens the curve and strains the structures in the lower spine. You will certainly find your ideal position with an ergonomic model and avoid constant back pains.

  • Seat Pan Depth

This feature is quite often overlooked, but nonetheless, important. If the seat is too deep you may feel numbness in the legs caused by the pressure on the backs of your legs. On the other hand, if it’s too shallow, your legs won’t have the needed support. Optimally, there needs to be a small space between the back of your knees and the seat edge. Luckily, by opting for an ergonomic chair you can easily find your ideal depth and reap the benefits.

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