Awesome Gin Gifts Every Spirits Aficionado Will Love

Gin enthusiasts frequently receive the short end of the gifting stick. Unlike their whiskey-loving brethren, passionate gin fans have fewer specialty decanters and handcrafted ice moulds to load their bar shelves with. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to treat your favourite gin drinker with a unique gift, whether you want to help them discover new brands, or simply spread some gin-related joy!

Exclusive Gin Gift Sets

gin gift set

The variety of gin gift sets available, ranging from small packages to do-it-yourself kits, will help you find the ideal gin gifts for men and attract the attention of any spirits aficionado, regardless of their preferences. These are the perfect gift for all those who like to experiment with their cocktails whether it’s a watermelon gin punch or Aperol Gin and Tonic.

Moreover, a gin tasting kit allows your gin connoisseur to make their favourite cocktail in the comfort of their own home. A little gin gift set is also a great option for someone who has a diverse palate and enjoys experimenting with new flavours and styles.

Another great way to step up your gin gifting game is to add a personal touch to it! A personalised gin gift set for men can be one of the nicest ways to cherish their passion for the spirit! To commemorate a special occasion, you can write a message on the back of a personalised gin bottle or use a personalised gin glass. Whatever you decide, this unique personalisation will elevate your gift to the status of a treasure.

For example, a personalised gin goblet with your man’s name and his favourite cocktail will be the ideal kind gesture for his birthday or the perfect anniversary gift idea. On the other hand, you may create your gin bottle label or engrave your true one-of-a-kind phrase on a magnificent bottle utilising some of the world’s best gin brands.

With you, the true gin enthusiast doesn’t need to catch a flight to drink from a few little gin bottles, as a carefully selected batch of miniature gin bottles will allow them to skip the plane and enjoy their favourite beverage whenever and wherever they like! These miniature versions, packaged in 5cl gin bottles and fun to share, allow your favourite gin connoisseur to try out numerous variations of their signature spirit.

Gin and Tonic Glassware

gin & tonic glassware

There is no wrong way to drink gin, but there is undoubtedly an ideal one, which includes using the proper glassware. Choosing the best gin and tonic glass increases the experience by making the drink taste and look even better! One of the most famous ones for drinking gin and tonic is Copa de Balon glass. It has a bulbous form, similar to a balloon, and sits on a long stream, similar to a wine glass.

The glass’s distinctive shape is intended to retain and enhance the smells of the gin, resulting in a greater taste of the drink. The huge bowl shape allows for plenty of ice storage. The balloon shape prevents ice cubes from melting quickly and diluting the liquid when filled with ice. This keeps the gin and tonic colder for longer. What is so intriguing about this glass is that its enormous bowl allows us to explore a wide range of liquids.

However, one of the oldest gin drinking vessels is the Goblet glass. It’s a certain type of glass that you either love or hate! If you want to add a bit of flair to your men’s glassware collection, goblet glass is the way to go. This thicker glass keeps the beverage icy for a longer amount of time, making it ideal for gin and tonic. Because the goblet is not large enough, the shape of the glass is primarily for those who appreciate a simple Gin and Tonic with few garnishes.

Another great glassware option to consider when looking for the perfect gin gifts for men is the Highball glass. The graceful, tall, and slender highball is the most adaptable glass that can meet all of your requirements. Except for gin and tonic, this glass can be used for a variety of mixed beverages. The shape of the glass influences not only how it looks but also what you may put inside of it. When you serve your gin and tonic in a highball glass, the fizz and bubbles can expand and open the ingredients in the cocktail, and the limited surface area will keep the drink chilled for longer.

Gin Inspired Books

book of gin

If you don’t know what to gift your special someone who loves gin, you can never go wrong with gin-inspired books. For instance, getting a gin cocktail book for the gin expert at your party can help them improve their dinner party hosting abilities or they can effortlessly engage a room full of creativity with a gin colouring book. As a result, there are unique gin book sets that are expressly developed to stimulate the brain and intrigue the taste buds of gin fans while also boosting their knowledge and bartending skills.

One good book option to consider is “The Book of Vermouth” which examines every aspect of the cocktail and shows how much you can do with it, in addition to a great Martini or Negroni, whilst “The Little Book of Gin Cocktails” has a variety of delectable recipes ranging from fizzers to high spirits.

Another gin book that your gin-obsessed man will adore is the “Gone with the Gin” cocktail book. It’s perfect for someone who loves to make and drink cocktails as it’s full of original ideas and everything is well put together. Whether your gifting person is a novice or a skilled gin enthusiast this is something he will enjoy to the fullest!

Gin-A-Month Subscription

Warm your gin enthusiast’s heart by surprising him with a monthly gin subscription. Gin-A-Month is the ideal present for those men who appreciate the exquisite taste of this beverage, as they will receive four 50ml gin tasters showcasing a broad choice of excellent artisan gins from around Australia.

Each gin is accompanied by tasting notes, allowing them to get to know their favourite gins while also discovering new ones. Those who prefer preparing gin cocktails, on the other hand, will be blown away by a gin subscription that includes a shaker with their first delivery.

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