Reasons to Catch Up with the Laminate Flooring Craze

One of the greatest developments in home improvement in the past 50 years has been laminate flooring. It’s an incredibly inexpensive and durable type of flooring that any DIYer can install just by using a few basic tools. Laminate is not real wood, but it can look like it is. Plus, it can be made to look like pretty much anything – ceramic tile or slate look-alikes – these have become increasingly popular and more available than ever. Moreover, laminate floors are moisture resistant and can be used in areas where the material they look alike cannot be used, such as in a basement laundry room, in a kitchen or bathroom.

Pergo Australia

Let’s go back 40 years and see how laminate came to be, and which brands made it what it is today. It was invented in 1977, and the company that developed it is called Pergo. Pergo introduced it to the European market in 1984, and the company name is often times mistakenly used as a generic term for laminate floors. It wasn’t much later that Pergo conquered the domestic market.

Laminate floors snap together and can be installed above existing flooring or subflooring. As long as the floor is leveled, most people can install it within a day, if all the necessary materials and tools are at hand. How a floor snaps and stays intact consequently plays an important role in how much it costs. Bear in mind that better attachment methods last much longer.

Sometimes the underfloor is the bottom layer of the flooring material, other times you have to purchase a sheet of material separately. They can also be installed directly on concrete or on places where a lot of moisture might need an additional moisture barrier. It’s best you ask a lot of questions before you buy it and do a lot of research to ensure you’re buying the best product to fit your needs.

To add to the list of benefits that quality Pergo Australia flooring offers, it’s important to note that it is fade and stain resistant and it has the tendency to repel water. It’s also extremely durable and hard, but it can get scratched. You don’t have to worry about it much though, it can be easily repaired or replaced.

And lastly, you don’t need special cleaners and special treatments to keep it looking brand new. It doesn’t need to be polished or waxed. It’s the perfect affordable option for both long and short term solutions. It will blend in with whatever décor you currently have, and it’s there to stay!

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