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Reasons You Need Emergency Tree Removal Services

A lovely tree in your garden brings more benefits than you can think of – not only are they very important to provide humans and all the animal species with enough oxygen to breathe, but a garden tree will also elevate your home’s aesthetic and spruce your garden.

And as much as trees are very valuable for both, humans and the environment, know that trees can also suffer from several conditions and sometimes it’s best to hand the things to emergency tree removal professionals instead of handling them on your own, and this is when:

Decaying Roots

tree roots


Decay or rot of a tree’s root system is a condition that occurs very often, and there’re two reasons behind it- poor drainage that leads to oversaturated soil or different fungal infections.

Poor drainage means that the soil has too much moisture, and the roots are becoming too saturated that they aren’t able to pull oxygen from the ground anymore. This means that the water can’t drain away from the root system and the moisture stays trapped around the roots, leading them to rot.

On the other hand, fungal spores are naturally present in every soil, but a lack of moisture and nutrients keeps them dormant. But once the tree’s soil becomes compacted or the root becomes overwatered, the dormant fungal spores begin to reproduce, which means that the fungus starts to spread rapidly.

So, if you notice that your garden tree’s roots are becoming visibly damaged or decaying, then it’s best to call emergency tree removal professionals to handle it. In fact, roots are one of the most significant indicators of a tree’s health, and if they’re damaged, they won’t give the tree enough structural support. This means that the tree can collapse and fall at any time and therefore damage your property or even the worst, endanger somebody’s life.

Leaning Trees

Leaning tree


There’re many situations that can make your garden tree lean. And as much as it’s possible to stake and straighten it, many arborists believe that staking the tree will prevent it from growing and developing.

Also, some trees tend to naturally lean in a particular direction, but if yours suddenly starts to bend, then it’s a sign that it can be suffering from a serious condition or even dead. In fact, many emergency tree care services will recommend removing the tree if it has a lean of over 15% from vertical since as we mentioned before, it can be a potential hazard for the surrounding properties as well as for humans.

Hollow Trees

hollow tree


Tree hollows are not always visible to the human’s eye, but if your tree suddenly starts “dropping” branches, know that it’s 90% forming holes inside. And as much as hollow trees are not always dangerous, the tree’s inside starts being more and more vulnerable to the surrounding elements and conditions.

For this purpose, some arborists will recommend filling the tree, or the process called “cavity filling”. But have in mind that filling the tree with cement is not healthy at all, and can damage the tree even more. This is due to the column made from cement inside the tree is stationary and sturdy, and trees are actually live organisms that move. The rubbing created by the swaying tree and the solid column can damage the tree way more than in normal conditions.

So, if you notice that your tree’s branches are falling, know that the tree is becoming hollow and it’s best to get advice from emergency tree services whether it’s better to leave it or make a removal appointment.

Trees Damaged from Storms

damaged tree from storm


Strong winds, heavy rains, storms and other harsh weather conditions are the main reasons that many trees are getting their major limbs broken, foliage shredded or stripped and bark torn or gouged. And even though almost all the trees have an amazing ability to recover from storm damages on their own, it’s always best to consult an emergency tree work service and see if your tree has to be removed or there’re still surviving chances.

At this point, know that every arborist will recommend removing the tree if the trunk is split or more than 50% of its crown is swept away by the storm. If that’s the case with your tree, know that it already lost its survival edge and it’s better to remove it before it falls and does a hazard to yours or the surrounding properties. Also, make sure you don’t just hire anyone who shows up at your door after a storm but call a professional emergency tree trimming service to handle matters as safely as they can.

Dead Branches

Branch of dead tree with blue sky and the tree is not dead


Trees have a “natural” instinct to sacrifice themselves and drop a couple of branches to protect themselves from droughts and high temperatures, which means falling branches are not always a bad sign. But if you notice large dead branches that are visible in the tree canopy, know that it’s best to call an emergency tree removal service to inspect the branches, determine the overall health and decide if it’s necessary to remove the tree so they can prevent any dangers in future.

Keeping a tree with dead branches is also dangerous- not only will the branches suddenly fall and damage your or your neighbour’s properties, but imagine if somebody is passing by at the moment. So, make sure you don’t experiment and leave the things in professionals’ hands.

Now that you know when’s the right moment to call a tree professional, it’s about time to inspect your garden tree and determine if it’s healthy or it needs to be handled by a professional.

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