Anniversary Gift Ideas to Make Him Feel Extra Special

Wow, time flies so fast. It feels just like yesterday when you said that magical “Yes” and embarked on a new chapter of your love story. And now here you are, another more year worth celebrating of you standing strong as a couple. Whether it is your first or fiftieth anniversary, it should not go unnoticed; your better half should feel special and appreciated.

There are many ways to achieve that, from arranging a romantic dinner to planning a romantic getaway; However, the whole experience would not be complete without the gifts. But what happens when you run out of gift ideas for your hubby? Well, I’ve prepared a list of gifts that appeal to different personality types and hope you will find the one that will put a smile on his face.

Edible Arrangements for Any Sweet Tooth 

chocolate gift basket

Has your man ever said no to a dessert? Do you find him snacking on fruit, chocolate chip cookies, or brownies often? Does he secretly eat the chocolate cake meant for you in the fridge? The last one happens to me too often. In that case, a perfect anniversary gift would be a chocolate hamper that will melt his heart. You can include all of his favourite chocolate snacks, like doughnuts, cookies and so on. After arranging all of those chocolate goodies, you can take it a step further and add some of his favourite alcoholic beverages, whether a bottle of wine, beer or scotch. Add as many chocolate sweets as you can because he won’t complain.

However, if you don’t have time to do the gift shopping and create your arrangement, you can check online for services offering chocolate gift baskets delivery. This option is great since they also offer personalised gifts. One way to personalise your chocolate gift basket is with a ribbon message such as “Happy Anniversary, I Love You’. Of course, you can also include a personalised gift card expressing how happy and appreciative you are to have him in your life. Another great option is to have the chocolate sweets arranged in a fun and unique way, like chocolate flower bouquets. Either way, his chocoholic self would not be left indifferent.

If he is working in the morning (he couldn’t take a day off for the life of him) and you want to surprise him before coming home, a search for chocolate gift baskets delivery will get the ‘chocolate heaven’ right at his office. However, if he is working from home due to the covid situation, place the chocolate hamper on his desk. Around in a circle, put a few Ferrero rocher sweets for that extra divine touch.
You can bet that he will be enjoying every second of it.

Apple Smart Watch for the Tech-Savvy 

apple smart watch gift

This anniversary gift will leave your tech-savvy husband feeling ecstatic, and rightfully so. It feels like you are wearing a mini iPhone on your wrist, and I am not exaggerating. You can read and respond to emails, messages, calls, have calendar notifications, navigate the city, get app notifications, pay without using your credit card, measure your heart rate, activity level and so on. You can even set up a timer.

But before getting your hands on one, keep in mind that it only works with iPhone devices, which means it is not compatible with other Android devices. Another thing to consider is that it is more on the pricier side with a starting point of $399. If your budget affords it, totally go for it and surprise him over dinner.

Multitool and Solar Panel for the Outdoorsy Type 

camping lover gift

Is your spouse an outdoor enthusiast, barely waiting for the weekend to come so that he can go hiking and be in nature? A great gift that can help him in the wilderness is a multitool. It doesn’t take a lot of space while hiking or camping but is essential when he’ll need to cut/open something or fix any gear malfunctions. But the fun doesn’t end there.

You can also surprise him with a foldable solar panel he can take on his backpack. This way, he can travel to remote areas without electricity and still charge all his electronic devices. He can do all of that for free since solar power is a renewable source of electricity. The best thing about it is that he will be thinking of you every time he uses either one of them out there in the wilderness.

Quality Shoes for the Fashionista 

packed gifts for anniversary

Your better half deserves only the best, especially when it comes to shoes. Since your hubby is always well-dressed, a nice pair of artisan-made business shoes would satisfy and complete his look. An elegant shoe can never disappoint and can be a lifesaver for any occasion. Being high-quality, they will last him longer and make him feel comfortable wearing them. Also, he would appreciate every detail that went into creating that premium footwear.

However, if he is more into the urban street style, a nice pair of handmade casual trainers will fit perfectly in his wardrobe.

Lingerie for the Passionate One 

lingerie gift for passionate man

Last but not least, do you know his favourite colour? Good, then get your hands on the cutest lingerie in that colour and give him the best surprise that he can have. Before going on a romantic getaway, check for some lace, satin, leather or PVC material. Also, make sure it accentuates your body and curves in all the right places and is not too tight or uncomfortable. You want to feel confident, sexy and beautiful while wearing it. Either way, he won’t be able to keep his eyes away from you. After all, all he ever wants for his anniversary is you.

To sum up, choosing the right anniversary gift comes down to what he loves and enjoys the most. You know his preferences and desires, which eliminates boring gifts. But one of the best anniversary gifts that he can ever receive is your unconditional love over and over again.

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