LED lights

For Safety and Better Visibility at Night Turn to a LED Flashlight

Are you a person who loves outdoor adventures? Well, nothing can soothe your adrenaline needs like exploring the Australian wilderness in the middle of the night. Much of the timid and fearful wildlife that won’t show their heads during the day are happy to appear when darkness falls. Besides a Looney Tunes cartoon, Australia (more specifically Tasmania) is the only place where you can see a Tasmanian devil, and that’s only during night time.

To be able to fully see this lively nocturnal animal and other interesting creatures, a powerful flashlight is of utmost importance. A flashlight is the most crucial tool of your outdoor equipment kit that isn’t only meant for animal spotting, but camping as well, along with overnight hiking and perhaps cave exploration. Needless to say, a good flashlight, besides visibility, can give you protection and make you feel safer. Therefore, you have to look only for the best options available and those are entirely of the LED variant. Now let’s see why LED lights are the most powerful bulb choice for flashlights.

LED lights

  • Longer Life Span of Bulb and Battery

Perhaps what makes LED lights the best bulb option not only for flashlights but for other types of lighting as well is their incredibly long lifespan. A typical LED bulb can offer as much as 50 000 hours of continuous use, and being able to rely on a bulb that won’t break down soon is very important when you are far away from civilisation. Just for illustration, the other cheaper flashlight option is one with incandescent bulb which can give you a meagre six hours of continuous use.

You might think the long lifespan of the LEDs would drain the battery like crazy, but you’d be incredibly wrong. LED technology is designed with a focus on sustainability and therefore is perhaps the most energy-efficient lighting option there is as of yet. While a battery that powers an incandescent light can only last you for around nine hours, LED flashlight batteries last ten times more. This is important when you’re out there in the wild where there are no power outlets that can recharge your flashlight.

  • A Variety of Types

Another advantage of LED flashlights is they’re incredibly versatile. Since there is a wide range of luminosity, colour and beam radius you can easily pick a flashlight that works best for you, with the needed specifications. Different outdoor activities call for different types of flashlights.

Having the option of green or red coloured light and a narrow beam is important for hunters so as not to scare away the animals, whereas cave exploration requires a LED flashlight with a powerful illumination that can offer you the right amount of visibility leaving no chance for accidents or losing your way. When buying a flashlight make sure you read its specification and see whether it fits the requirements of your desired outdoor activity.

  • Compact and Sturdy Construction

LED lights don’t require much material for their construction which makes them tiny and compact to fit in a flashlight’s case. And being lightweight is an important feature for a pocket flashlight. If what you’re looking for is a powerful cave or diving torch, one of the LED variety would be lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack. If you’re a cycling enthusiast looking for a flashlight to mount on your bike, again, an LED one would certainly not weight your bike down and feel like a burden.

Mind you though, the construction of these flashlights is sturdy so you can expect durability. The plastic housing of is completely enclosed and can keep the bulb safe from drops as well as temperature shifts which are a risk factor in an outdoor environment.

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