Electric Chainsaw

What Are the Advantages of Using an Electric Chainsaw

For the average homeowner, a chainsaw is nothing more than a maintenance tool for their yard, which they use a few times a year. For the DIY and woodworking enthusiast however, it’s a must-have tool in the garage. Different chainsaws can quickly and efficiently tear through hard and soft woods alike under any circumstance.

Buying a chainsaw is a pretty straightforward process. There are two basic types: gas-powered and electric. The electric chainsaw is the cheaper option, and for most people, it provides the right combination of power, price and efficiency. In this article, we’ll talk specifically about electric chainsaws and what you need to know before buying one.

An electric chainsaw offers a simple and effective way of dealing with heavy-duty pruning jobs and unwanted branches without calling in outside help. It is seen as the more convenient option and it is easier to handle from the starting process to completing the job at hand and putting it away.

Electric Chainsaw

For newer users, starting the chainsaw is the biggest obstacle. There’s nothing scarier than yanking the temperamental pull start of gasoline models to set the blades in motion. Electric models are powered up by simply flicking the power up switch. You still have to be careful though, as there’s still a large blade in motion on the end, but it’s far easier to handle.

Moreover, they are lightweight and small, enabling you to carry them around easier and use them for extended time periods. This also helps you to store them more conveniently in the garage. Gas chainsaws need time to cool off before you put them away, which isn’t the case with the electric models.

One of the biggest debates is whether to opt for a chainsaw that requires a power cord or not. For some people, this is a disadvantage as it may restrict freedom of movement, and novice users might end up accidentally cutting the cord. You might want to consider an extension cord if you opt for a corded model. The extension cord has to be suitable for your chainsaw in order to avoid safety and performance issues.

Cordless models are battery powered and have been designed to avoid all of that, but they have the disadvantage of losing their worth as soon as the battery runs out. High-end battery models can run for about an hour before needing to be recharged, and they aren’t as powerful as mains-powered models. However, they can still get a lot of work done, so it all depends on personal preferences.

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