The Amazing Benefits of Bamboo Home Products

Remember when bamboo was reserved exclusively for pandas to snack on? Well, step away pandas, humans want their share of bamboo too. Not actually to chew on it, but for more practical purposes. Recently, this highly renewable plant has adopted an incredible amount of other uses that are quite beneficial for people. Having a tough construction, similar to timber but without the risk of causing deforestation, bamboo has become an eco-friendly material of choice in the production of a wide number of products, including clothes, bedding, furniture and even flooring. But besides being safe for the environment, there are a lot more benefits of bamboo. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Incredibly Soft and Comfortable

Even though bamboo is a plant known for being sturdy and tough, when processed into fibres, it acquires an incredible softness similar (if not better) than that of Egyptian cotton. Bamboo fabric’s silky feel finds its best use in bedding products such as sheets, pillow cases, throws, bathrobes and bath-towels. All of these bamboo home products have also a unique temperature regulating property, offering warmth in winter and keeping you cool in summer. Bamboo is also a highly absorbent material which dries up the skin without irritating it and keeps it comfortable rather than sticky in hot weather.

Hygienic and Hypo-Allergenic

Bamboo is one of the cleanest natural materials due to being pesticide and chemical-free. This is because bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial agent called bamboo kin that gives it amazing pest resistance. This agent is retained even after it’s processed. Therefore, all bamboo products are free of bacteria and fungi which can trigger various health problems. This is great news for people with sensitive skin and allergic reactions to chemically treated fabrics. Not to mention that these products will not attract moths and, without the damage sustained from them, can last for years and years. Moreover, bamboo has a tight fibre structure which does not retain any unpleasant smells. And when your bamboo home products no longer serve you, you can give them for recycling because bamboo is completely bio-degradable. A completely clean and green solution!



There are buildings and bridges build completely out of bamboo, so naturally, this material is durable and able to withstand all kinds of pressure. This property makes bamboo a great flooring choice that’s on the same level with expensive hardwood flooring regarding durability. There’s also furniture like coffee tables, stools and ottomans made from sturdy bamboo. And if cared for properly, bamboo bedding will last for years without stretching or piling like other fabrics often do. You don’t have to worry that washing bamboo will wear it out, on the contrary – the more you wash it, the softer it becomes.


All the above-mentioned qualities of bamboo apply to everything a baby product should be. Many well-informed parents are realizing that bamboo is the healthiest choice for their little one. Because of its hypo-allergenic and chemical-free properties, bamboo does not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, its temperature regulating characteristic is very important because during the first few months, the body temperature of babies easily fluctuates. Overall, bamboo home products offer an incredible number of benefits for both adults and babies.

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