What Makes for the Usage of Bamboo to Bloom

There’s so much more to clothing than meets the eye and I am not referring to the way we pick and match them style wise. I am referring to the way we match them to the urgent need for sustainability along with the way they feel and the consequential blueprint they have woven into the process of their making.

More and more people are beginning to seek lifestyles that include the aspect of being friendly to the environment: animals and their inhabitants, the clean sources of water and the trees as our planet’s lungs. Many of us are beginning to realize the power of one and the impact of little changes. The vegan diet, the process of recycling and the wise and mindful choice of clothing, furniture and bedding material are the main weapons conscious people use as to target the ongoing issue of deforestation, water wastage, loss of habitat, extinction and pollution.


If you are already seeking to live a more conscious lifestyle, you might have heard that the love for the environment is actually wearable and we got bamboo to thank for it. Not only do bamboo clothing pieces feel immensely soft to the skin, they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable as can be. It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world and replenishes itself in one year alone. It requires no chemicals and very little water for maintaining its growth and it’s 100% biodegradable which means that it returns to earth without harming it.

Opting for bamboo dress socks, bamboo towels, clothing and bedding is a very powerful step towards turning to the three Ss – style, sustainability and smoothness. The softness of bamboo is unmatchable, unless you are comparing it to the softness of souls oof the zero waste earthlings community (chuckles). And these products are not exclusively comfort oriented to the extend that they exclude the ability to appear sassy. For instance, you can find high knee bamboo dress socks, so there’s no need to consider this shift limiting.

The only thing these choice limit is the negative effect the human population can have on the natural environment, so if each and every one of us would care enough as to take the time and become more informed, oh what a wonderful world it would be! Imagine all the people living the sustainable way! You may say I’m a dreamer, bamboo I am not the only one.

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