Chock Blocks

Benefits of Chock Blocks and What Characteristics to Look For

Summer is officially over, but that still doesn’t stop avid campers from preparing their caravans and hitting the road. However, what most inexperienced campers are unaware of, is the impact rain and light snow can have on the stability of their caravan when parked on an uneven surface. Modern caravans have a electric or hydraulic leveler, which can solve that problem. However, not everyone has that luxury and that’s completely okay, as there’s still a very convenient and affordable solution – chock blocks.

Chock Blocks

The greatest benefit of using a chock block is the convenience factor. It takes significantly less time to drive up your caravan on a set of chock blocks than it would if you use floor jacks and jack stands. Moreover, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when you lift hundreds and hundreds of plastic and metal in the air then climb under it, there are quite a few safety concerns. Obviously, the greatest concern is your caravan falling. Using a little common sense and following the safety protocol will let you rest assured that that won’t happen.

The best thing about chock blocks is that they’re extremely simple, so there are only a few considerations you need to make before buying a set. The first thing to consider is the ground clearance of your caravan. Most chocks work on most vehicles, not only your caravan, except if you own a sports, exotic or race car, then you might need a chock with a lower profile.

You don’t need to consider the weight for the chocks, only for the ramp. Ramps are rated to a certain capacity which you should always keep in mind. You don’t want to put your caravan on a ramp that’s designed for a car specifically. Paying attention to the capacity is extremely important for caravan leveling. You can usually look for your caravan’s weight in the manual or on online forums.

Chocks should be purchased in pairs, and they should be manufactured from relatively soft rubber, as hard rubber can slide on some surfaces, which defeats their purpose. Soft rubber chocks prevent slipping, they are more reliable and provide more grip. For increased safety, consider getting 4 blocks and chocking multiple wheels.

If you’ve made it this far, you should have a pretty clear idea of what to look for when buying ramps and chock sets. It’s great to keep an open mind as there are many options available when it comes to these types of tools. After purchasing a set, you should feel comfortable when parking even on steeper hills and uneven surfaces.

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