Wedding Decor Ideas: Set the Mood With Pillar Candles

So, you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now you have some wedding planning to do. Well, there’s no need to emphasize that this is a huge thing that totally deserves your full attention and supreme organizational skills. That being said, planning your dream wedding can’t go without adding the perfect décor pieces that will be the cherry on top of everything else at the venue. One type of décor that can effortlessly make the whole picture complete and more romantic are the pillar candles.

Pillar candles come in different sizes and colours, and probably the best way to see them all and make а good comparison is to look through the options of pillar candles online. These candles have a classic charm and ooze with elegance while providing ample light. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired to include them into your big day.

pillar candles online

Light the Way to Your Future Husband
There’s nothing more romantic than lighting your walk down the aisle with pillar candles. Whether you find pillar candles online or in physical stores, try to use ones that are tall enough to be noticed by everyone, including those that sit way in the back. Simply place a pillar candle on every few steps of the way on both sides of the path, and that will be enough to add a fairytale-like feeling to an already special moment.

Make Your Guests Feel the Romance at Their Tables too
Once all the crying stops from that beautiful walk down the aisle, you can keep the romantic feel during the party as well. Arrange your guests’ tables with pillar candles in different sizes which can be beautifully accompanied with flowers that will make the centrepiece richer and more versatile. Another option that you may find appealing is to place the candles into vases or on high posts. Regardless of the choice you make, this will surely bring about a warm atmosphere on your big day.

Up Your Gift Game – Give Your Guests a Gift of Light
Many couples follow the unwritten rule of giving gifts at the end of the wedding. These can be gift bags with useful items, or maybe pictures from the bride and groom or in some cases flowers. What you can also do is surprise your closest with a pillar candle which will remind them of your beautiful day by bringing the special mood home. You can add a personal touch in the form of a picture, words or some kind of ribbons and let them enjoy the romantic feel even after the wedding has finished. Another interesting way to make your guests smile and feel special is to simply announce at the end of the wedding that they can bring one candle home.

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