skirts for women over 40

Fashion After 40: How to Pick Skirts that Look Flattering on Mature Women

Lot’s of women over 40 enjoy wearing skirts. Unfortunately, they often have trouble finding skirts that look flattering and appropriate for their age, so they end up avoiding this wardrobe staple altogether. The good news is that if you stick to a few simple guidelines regarding length and shape, you can totally rock skirts regardless if you’re in your 40s or even 70s.

skirt for women over 40


As a woman over 40, wearing a short skirt anywhere except on the tennis court or on the beach can look inappropriate. Even if you were an athlete or a yoga instructor, a thigh-revealing skirt or dress just looks tacky and as though you’re trying way too hard to appear younger than your age. With that being said, skirts for women over 40 should ideally be knee-length. When a skirt ends right on the knees or just a bit below them it creates a more youthful look by elongating your legs and showing off your calves. You can also go for a full-length skirt that flows down if you’re going for a Bohemian look or just want to cool off and protect your skin in the summer. However, be wary of skirts or dresses that end at the middle of your calves as that accentuates the thickest part of your legs and makes you look larger than you actually are.


Besides the length, the shape of the skirt also determines whether it will look good on you or not. With that being said, a pencil skirt is designed to look good on most body types. Plus, it’s just so easy to style too as it goes with a variety of tops. Just look for one that fits perfectly without being too tight and restricting your gait. You can complement it with a thicker heeled shoe such as a pump or a wedge for your casual day outfits or with some gorgeous stilettos for a dressier look. The most flattering skirts for women over 40 who like to de-emphasize their waist, hips and bums have an A-line shape. For this skirt shape to work its magic, make sure that it has quite a high waistband that fits you perfectly and then flares just above your widest point.


As long as you choose the appropriate length and shape for your body, you can pick any kind of style and material you like. For instance, if you want to add an architectural touch to your outfit, a pleated A-line skirt can be a great choice. A pleated skirt in a is a great way to make an outfit look glamorous. On the other hand, pencil denim skirts in a dark blue colour can be perfect for a more casual and playful look. You can even go for asymmetric designs and skirts that feature slits that aren’t too high.

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