Cowboy Boots for Women

Fashion Trends: Cute Women’s Boots You’d Want in Your Closet

Even though they originated in the BC era, the fashion potential of boots has only been unlocked in 1837 when the British Queen Victoria donned a pair. And ever since, the trends in boots have started to change in every different decade. Just think of a time period, and a certain style of boot will probably come to mind – the popular go-go boots in the ’60s; the high platforms in vibrant colours in the ’70s disco era; the bold combat boots in the ’90s punk revival.

But when it comes to the 21 century, the trends in boots have been so diverse that there’s not a single design that marked the last two decades. And even though this means that women worldwide have the freedom to wear whatever they desire, there’re still a few boot styles that dominate both the runways and the streets because they are cute, practical and can fit everyone’s wardrobe.

Boots for Women

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Cowboy Boots for a Boho Touch

The western style boots for women haven’t left the fashion scene since the late 1940s when Wendy Waldron posed in a pair of them in a scene for an old Hollywood Western movie. Today, cowboy boots are the perfect accessory to finalise a laid-back boho outfit.

But if you’re feeling sceptical about wearing a pair of western boots for women and are worried that you’ll look like you’re heading to a costume party, know that you’re wrong. Today, these boots aren’t like the ones seen worn by cowboys in old Westerns. In fact, they are designed to be extra fashionable, made of leather and come polished or rugged, in different shapes, lengths and designs to fit every lady’s preferences. So, don’t hesitate to search for modern western boots for women and get a game-changing addition to your closet.

Regardless of what kind of western boots you choose, know that you can style them in so many different ways. One great combo is to tuck ripped skinny jeans in the boots of your choice, and put on an oversized white shirt for a cute chic look for casual dates or Sunday walks with your friends. If you want to create a slightly bolder look, you can throw a leather jacket on as an additional western-style touch.

Besides jeans, womens cowboy boots also look great paired with midi skirts or dresses with floral or animal to create a contrast. So, the combination of your favourite midi leopard dress, a unique leather jacket and a pair of these cowboy boots will make you look like the ultimate fashion diva.

But, when styling western boots, make sure you’re not overdressed with too many cowboy accessories, since these boots are unique enough to make a statement on their own. Also, make sure you go for the classic black or brown shades since they’ll give an authentic western note to your outfit and you can match them with any colours you want.

Cowboy Boots for a Boho Touch


Chukka Boots for a Sophisticated Everday Look

Even though the popular chukka boots were mainly intended for men, these designs also slid into the world of fashion for women because of their comfort, versatility, and the range of stylish options they bring. They’re perfect to be styled for all kinds of different everyday occasions. You can wear them with your favourite dark denim jeans or skirt and a nice oversized sweater to create a sophisticated vintage outfit for Sunday coffee or tea dates with friends or to look stylish and keep your feet comfortable while shopping in your favourite mall.

Because of their classic design and the palette of neutral colours they usually come in, chukka boots are considered a versatile piece for creating sophisticated business outfits. For instance, you can wear them with a pair of ankle-cropped trousers in different prints and a nice, structured blazer or cardigan for business casual occasions.

High Heel Boots for a Sexy Vibe

High heel boots are that timeless piece of footwear every modern woman should own since they have the power to elevate every outfit and make every woman radiate self-confidence and boldness while leaving that [powerful click-clack sound behind her.

You can find these boots in different lengths, shapes and designs which gives you endless opportunities to style them. So, if you’re aiming for the simple, yet chic look, you can wear a nice pair of high-heel boots that reach over the knee with jeans and a nice structured blazer, or a simple knitted sweater-like dress with a big turtleneck for the winter. These boots are so versatile that many celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner even managed to rock them with elegant dresses for red carpet events.

But even the high-heel boots with ankle cuts can also look gorgeous on every lady when styled the right way. They’re always a great match for midi skirts or relaxed dresses below your knees for dates, family gatherings or having drinks with your friends in your favourite bar. Also, the stiletto ankle boots are great for many occasions when you want to dazzle everyone with your self-confidence since you can always style them with your simplest tucked-in shirt and denim jeans, or a basic black leather skirt or pants and a statement red lipstick.

High Heel Boots


Rain Boots for Staying Dry During Rain Season

Walking in the wet season never looked and felt more stylish than with the right pair of rain boots. Not only can these boots keep your feet dry and warm on rainy days, but when combined properly, but with the right design you’ll also get to turn heads. To elevate their fashion potential, these boots come in leather or glossy finishes with chunky platforms which are warm and water-resistant and also look like you’re wearing designer boots.

Even the most basic combo of black leggings and a simple black turtleneck can look like a next-level designer combo once you throw on a long shacket and a pair of stylish rain boots with a low cut. They also look great worn with casual fur jackets and boyfriend jeans or patterned raincoats. Together with your favourite umbrella, there’s nothing that can stop you from feeling like a fashion queen even when the weather makes you feel like reading a book in your cosiest pyjamas.

Combat Boots for That Edgy Street Look

As we’ve mentioned, combat boots were super popular in the ’90s, and like some of the boots we’ve already listed, they were mainly invented for men. Today, they make a great statement piece for street outfits. They’re a great choice of footwear for the days when you’re feeling like dressing sporty and street, but you still don’t want to look like you came straight out of the gym. So, feel free to wear these boots with a stylish tracksuit with an ankle crop or a pair of urban jeans and your favourite hoodie.

If you’re one that likes to experiment and get out of the comfort zone. you can wear these boots with a loose dress or skirt with a statement belt around the waist and your favourite sweater or turtleneck tucked in. The opportunities are endless, as long as you get in a creative mood and feel free to experiment.

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