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Benefits and Uses of Ute Trays: How to Find the Right One?

If you are a trade person, a farmer or a camping enthusiast, you might consider buying a new ute or re-kitting an old one. Utes have been Australia’s best-selling cars for a long time now thanks to the safety, comfort and convenience they provide. However, many tradies and 4×4 enthusiasts are investing in ute trays and for a good reason.

Why Choose a Tray for Your Ute?

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Getting a tray is a nice way to express your style, add value to your vehicle and transport your goods, whether livestock, bulk shopping, vegetables, fruits, construction equipment, camping gear or else, with ease. It provides an increased load area with removable sides that are practical solutions to any car. To enhance functionality, you can add accessories such as toolboxes, drawers, canopies and more.


Practicality is one of the main reasons to install a tray, whether you are a builder, plumber, electrician or any other tradesman. A reliable ute with ample tray space can enhance the practicality of your vehicle and make your job easier. There is a variety of trays you can choose from, so make sure to determine the usage of the tray before you start looking for one.

If you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, you can find a wide range of ute trays for sale and select the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. The best types of trays are aluminium trays because they are rustproof, great for coastal environments, exposed to sea air and saltwater, and provide good value for money.

Also, they are less than half the weight of steel trays, which means there will be less wear caused to the tires and your vehicle will use substantially less fuel, which can save you money in the long term. Having a lighter tray on the back of your ute can influence how much you can carry.

A vehicle’s GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) is an important consideration, especially for those who work with large load requirements. Any increase to your vehicle’s kerb weight will directly reduce its payload, therefore, choosing an aluminium tray for your ute means that it will be able to carry heavier loads. And since it is resistant to corrosion and rust, your aluminium ute tray will stay looking good for a long time.


picture of aluminum ute tray on grass surface
source: strproducts.com.au

For safety purposes, aluminium is a better option for carting dangerous materials. Steel features magnetic properties which could make it hazardous in certain work situations. So, if your work tasks involve carrying flammable gases or liquids, non-ferrous aluminium is a safer option for transporting these materials.

Improved Workflow

Ute trays are great for gear storage, but they help you organise your items better as well, which can be very helpful when you are doing your job and need to find a tool or piece of equipment. To avoid going through a jumbled mess, you can use drawers to separate all the different types of tools and equipment, so you can easily find what you need at any given time.

Make sure you get lockable units or toolboxes and put them on your tray, so you can keep valuable tools and equipment in a safe place. This way you will no longer need to load and unload tools every time you leave your vehicle and save yourself some time and effort.

How to Choose the Right Ute Tray

There are many different ute trays for sale and to make sure the tray you choose will meet the demands of your lifestyle, here are some of the most important factors to consider before buying one.


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This is one of the primary and most important factors to check before choosing a tray for your ute. Finding the right size is a crucial part of purchasing the tray because there are so many different trays, ones that can be easily adjusted and others that are more specific and can’t fit a broad range of brands and chassis. Make sure to check the dimensions of the tray carefully, especially if you need it to carry longer objects.

Internal Space Available

If you need to carry different tools and equipment for your job requirements, make sure to choose a ute tray that offers a lot of space, so you can keep your tools in place at all times. Consider the quantity and size of your equipment and select the perfect size of the tray.

Ease of Installation

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The tray’s installation process can play a big part in your final decision and if you want to install it on your own, give it proper attention. Installing a tray on your ute can be a difficult task and you may need some help throughout the entire process. Check the product’s complete installation instructions and consult a professional if needed. Better be safe than sorry.

In the end, your choice comes down to what you drive, whether it’s Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Holden or else. Think about how you want to tow, what you want to carry and how often, so you can the right set-up on the back of your ute and make the most of it for both work and recreational needs.

The best thing to do is make a checklist of the items you need to store inside your ute and consider this list when selecting the tray. It can help you identify the best tray for your needs, enhance practicality and save you some precious time and money. If buying a trailer isn’t something you can afford, you can always consider trailer rental.

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