jiu jitsu

The Many Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

There are many reasons why you or your kids might be interested in training martial arts, and believe it or not, most people don’t do it to be cool or beat other people up. Even though some younger kids find that training martial arts is about knowing how to fight, that can’t be further than the truth, and they learn that within the first several times they go to the local gym to train. More often than not, martial arts are about self-defense and basically becoming a better person.

One of the most popular martial art disciplines in Australia is Jiu Jitsu. You can probably find a nearby gym where Jiu Jitsu is taught. The Jiu Jitsu gear Australia professors require from their students is minimal, which means that almost every gym is “equipped” for adequate Jiu Jitsu training. All you need is a BJJ Gi, mouth guard, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You can find Jiu Jitsu gear Australia wide in gym equipment stores, online stores and sports outlets. If you’re still not sold out on the idea of training Jiu Jitsu, here are a few of the many benefits it offers.

jiu jitsu

Self-Defense and Self-Esteem

The first few times you get paired up for a sparring session you’ll get tossed around quite a bit, and you might feel helpless. But with dedication, focus, perseverance and discipline, you’ll slowly start to overcome the challenges, and you’ll feel empowered inside, as well as outside the gym. You’ll soon learn that it’s not about conquering others, but conquering yourself.

In terms of self-defense, Jiu Jitsu is one of the best martial arts. It’s especially designed for people with smaller frames to overcome larger, stronger attackers. Additionally, it adds to a person’s confidence, security and peacefulness. So if the time comes when you have to defend yourself, you won’t have to fight someone bigger for more than a few seconds – the amount of time it takes to tackle someone and keep them in lock for them to tap out.

Patience and Humility

After many years of Jiu Jitsu, I’ve learned that there’s still more stuff to learn. You can never know everything, and you’ll always be surprised from kids that have only trained for a year or two. There’s always someone that’s going to be more talented than you, so you’ll learn to love yourself and your limitations, and you’ll be eager to learn more.

As aforementioned, Jiu Jitsu takes time, just like everything else in life. That being said, you’ll learn how to appreciate time, and your discipline will likely apply to other aspects of your life. You’ll get a little bit better each and every day, and learn the ability to be patient.


Mastery is facilitating theory and application. In other words, putting together action and study. That being said, mastering Jiu Jitsu requires actually doing Jiu Jitsu, and mastering anything is a combination of knowing and doing.

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